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50 thousand dollar swap lines enough safe: the total annual amount is appropriate in recent years, more and more people to study abroad, tourism, many people will choose to go abroad to the bank for foreign exchange, convenient to use. At present, our country implements the management of the total annual domestic individual foreign exchange settlement and purchase, the annual total amount of US $50 thousand per person per year. Some people doubt: "50 thousand dollar swap lines, enough?" "Individual settlement and the total annual purchase level is determined according to the comprehensive factors of reasonable compliance with the actual mass exchange needs, and to maintain a relatively stable. The main demand for the public is the average level of fair use." The State Administration of foreign exchange bureau responsible person believes that the total annual amount is too low, otherwise it can not meet the actual needs of mass, there should be no effect; the total annual amount is not too high, otherwise it will weaken the impact and the macro financial and foreign exchange management, there may be a large capital flow channel. From the data point of view, the equivalent of $50 thousand annual total is suitable to meet the needs of the vast majority of individual exchanges. It is reported that since 2010, more than the total annual settlement and purchase of foreign exchange business person in all the proportion of personal exchange basically stable at 1 to 3. All foreign individuals, the per capita purchase basically stable at around $8000. Therefore, in recent years the rapid growth of the individual purchase of foreign exchange is mainly due to the increase in the number of personal exchange, the total annual facilitation policy to benefit a wider range. In fact, the total annual amount is a convenient line arrangement, and is not a personal settlement and purchase of foreign exchange quota. According to the principle of convertibility, individuals with foreign studies, tourism and other current projects with the exchange needs and the purchase of B shares and other laws to allow the exchange of capital projects with the demand, as long as it can prove the authenticity, can apply for exchange procedures. But in the actual operation, and according to the different enterprise organization management, if every settlement or purchase of foreign exchange will need to provide proof of personal material, does cause inconvenience. Since 2007, China has formally implemented the policy of annual total amount of $50 thousand. The total annual amount, only personal identity documents in the bank for foreign exchange or purchase procedures, issued without any proof materials. In addition to the total amount of the year, a reasonable and legitimate use of the exchange needs, can be handled with proof. From the point of view of human nature, in addition to the total amount of the year, according to the different way of exchange, China has taken targeted differentiated management measures to maximize convenience. In the case of bank cards, when individuals use outside a bank card, China UnionPay and the issuing bank in accordance with the requirements of foreign merchants to accept credit card type of screening, who belong to the legitimate item has been convertible, the cardholder can in personal credit card spending abroad, direct repayment repayment in Renminbi, the issuing bank automatic Gouhui repayment. The responsible person said, because of the authenticity and legitimacy of screening card, so no need to purchase personal bank card payments issued by the authenticity of the certificate, are not included in the annual total. The personal use of Alipay, WeChat payment account for Internet payment, the settlement and purchase of foreign exchange is not included in the annual total. It is worth noting that China has not yet fully convertible capital account, for the maintenance of national financial security considerations.相关的主题文章: