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Wei Zexi incident continued: their parents please lawyers issued a letter on Wei Zexi parents Phoenix technology news on September 11th news, Baidu and Robin Li yesterday, the parents of Wei Zexi commissioned lawyer to Baidu Inc and Robin Li open letter. Discussion on the letter, the parents of Wei Zexi’s lawyer Song Weiqiang said, Wei Zexi incident, see Baidu Inc changes, Mr. Yan Hong also recently stated publicly, "because the Wei Zexi event, a quarter of Baidu Cut 2 billion income." However, Song Weiqiang pointed out that the Baidu Inc has not to really face Wei Zexi parents, not to give them a real solution to this problem, they have been marginalized, is a Baidu Inc and Mr Yan Hong did not feel the need to face and solve? If so, how can the logic of the relationship between the public to convince Baidu’s change and sincerity? Song Weiqiang said, to understand the Baidu Inc at the psychological contradiction, from the Wei Zexi incident, several Baidu Inc position can be seen, you most want to do is to clarify the responsibility. After all, the Baidu Inc is facing the thousands on thousands of individual consumers, once in the Wei Zexi event was identified as the responsibility, will produce what kind of chain reaction, it seems difficult to grasp and predict. Song Weiqiang believes that a quarter of Baidu Cut 2 billion because there are regulatory authorities in the country, rather than to comfort the parents of Wei Zexi, but also to show that the Baidu Inc and the real attitude of the treatment of the matter in the attitude of the president of the United States and china. In the end, he said, he would give Baidu and Robin Li a week before they went to court and look forward to their response. The following is Wei Zexi parents entrust a lawyer on the letter, "Wei Zexi" account in the know almost know almost columns:   by Baidu Inc and Robin Li on the screenshot to solve the "Wei Zexi case" discussion letter 2016-09-10 song of Peking University Third Hospital Song Weiqiang lawyer on to solve the "Wei Zexi case" discussion letter Beijing Baidu Netcom Science Technology Co., Ltd, Baidu Online Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is responsible for Mr. Robin Li and the actual controller of the company: you good! I am a lawyer of Beijing Teng wave law firm, after Wei Zexi’s recommendation, Wei Zexi’s parents found me, I hope I can help them in law. I think a lot of parents to see Wei Zexi at the time, when I really see them, my heart is very heavy, because they are a microcosm of China ordinary people, two good people, two had just experienced the pain of losing a child who is two life is not complete, can not continue to walk the two remaining life as like ordinary people, they always ask me, "why no one approached us to give us a statement and reply?" Yes, many people are struggling with such a problem, social division of labor is different, different roles, face the same thing, however, stand in the different angles have different ways to solve the problem, we always believe: people, most are still good, a great company, a a great man, is also the responsibility and emotions run parallel. Thinking over and over again, I decided to write this letter to your company and Mr. Xiang Yanhong before I mentioned the relevant legal procedures相关的主题文章: