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Shared parking spaces can be extended outside the community in order to alleviate the parking difficult, recently Shanghai residential parking resources external fault, the Municipal Transportation Commission Joint Municipal Construction Committee, Municipal Education Commission, the SASAC and other 7 Committee Bureau, promulgated and issued "on promoting the city parking resources sharing by using the guidance", which means that the future of residents the parking spaces can be extended to areas outside. "" "related news: Shanghai area surrounding parking resources sharing foreign wrong parking is difficult to solve in Shanghai, parking has become a common problem, in order to alleviate this contradiction, recently, the Municipal Transportation Commission Joint Construction Committee, the Commission, the SASAC and other 7 Committee Bureau, promulgated and issued" on the to promote the city parking resources sharing by using the guidance ", this also means that the future, residents parking may be extended to areas outside. Issued the "guidance" clearly pointed out that the area surrounding the social parking lot 24 hours open to residents, parking resources and demand conditions for government agencies, hospitals, universities and other institutions to provide the wrong at night. In the actual operation process, will be led by the familiar with the local situation of Street Town, due to the enemy to make detailed plan. According to the guidance, street town may invite the third party parking service company to manage, monthly, quarterly, launch package parking agreement, charges should be linked up with the relevant residential district. At present, this mode of operation has been in Xuhui, Hongkou and other central city pilot, and good results. In the course of the implementation of the future, if there are some small differences in the production or related units are not willing to open the door to provide parking resources, there will be municipal levels of the board to coordinate. In the process of advancing, Geweiban Bureau will supervise and regularly follow up the progress in various counties. The parking contradiction prominent residential area surrounding roads, if you have a night parking conditions, after the approval of the audit process, but also in the night parking. However, the need to be reminded that the public should be in accordance with the requirements of the parking agreement, shall not stop overtime. City Transportation Commission transportation facilities at director Liang Huajun said: "from the illegal parking police punishment, he can carry out the punishment, just like a lot of time to do the same, another from a relatively soft or flexible constraints, if it occurred many times do not abide by agreement, the provisions of the act, we to stop him, and ultimately cancel his participation in the shared parking." However, the city traffic Commission said that the current "issued guidance" is only the first step, the next will supervise the implementation of each street town, and in the actual operation may encounter problems, to further optimization of specific programs. "Today" "recommended: 30 provinces to cancel the agriculture expert accounts: you don’t have to give up their land in Shanghai today, the blue sky and white clouds continue to accompany body feeling very comfortable index for the child gave birth to twins of a family of seven living in 43 square meters of ordinary public houses by the" moral man "ordered his followers to murder cheat Paul 3 million sentenced to death her husband caught in bed shot the evidence for the death of his wife fell downstairs and mobile phone Anzhenli community: the rational use of space to alleviate the old district parking (the video for extension) fingertips, at any time the illegal traffic! Sweep under the two-dimensional code, focus on Tencent Dashen network! Welcome to Tencent相关的主题文章: