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Arts-and-Entertainment Gino Cabanas is the CEO of THE VINE STUDIO and has been Producing and Serving Entertainment for more than 20 years. Gino Cabanas recently Created the Pilot episode for THE MAGIC CITY. A docu style dramatic Television series that the industry is calling The Cuban Sopranos. It is 1975 in The Magic City (Miami’s nickname) and Antonio Rosario is the head of the Cuban Mafia who opposes any and all authority. "Chief Mosiah Garvey", Academy Award Winner Lou Gossett Jr. (An Officer and a Gentlemen) and "Jack Gomez", are on a mission to clean up the corruption in Miami from the streets, to the drug dealers to City Hall. Gino will serve as Creator/Executive Producer/Director. PRE PRODUCTION. SHOOTING 2010. AIRS 2011. Gino Cabanas most recent Creation WORK OF GENIUS is a .petition reality series about fine art painters that will AIR this spring. Twelve Episodes of WORK OF GENIUS were beautifully shot using the Red cameras all over Stunning Miami this past summer. WORK OF GENIUS is a breakthrough in Reality series by focusing on humanity and positiveness. WORK OF GENIUS pushes twelve of the Worlds most talented, yet previously undiscovered creative artists, to live, create, and .pete together for the chance of having their life and career transformed into the Hottest Contemporary Artist in America. Each episode delves into the creative process and psyche of Artists from Cameroon, Cuba, Poland, USA, Italy, Russia and Uruguay trying to MAKE IT in AMERICA. The Artist were chosen by three criteria. 1) Creativity. 2) Humanity. 3) Spirituality. Gino serves as the Creator/Executive Producer/Director. IN POST PRODUCTION. AIRS 2010 The Vine Studio recently shot the pilot episode of SEARCH PARTY a weekly reality series seeking the next great inventor and pitch person was shot at The Eden Roc Renaissance Resort on Miami Beach. Hosted by Stephanie Schaeffer winner of 2007 THE APPRENTICE Starring Donald Trump. The expert panel is led by former partners of the late great (Billy Mays) from Media Enterprises Bill MacAlister, Steve Silberg, Toni Bratten and HSN guru John Miller. Gino served as the Executive Producer/Director. IN POST PRODUCTION. AIRS 2010. Our next TV Series FOUNDATION: Celebrating the Positive Contributions of Celebrity/Athletes in their charitable organizations. The purpose of the series is to promote the outstanding contributions of today’s Celebrity/Athletes in their .munities.. Episode one will feature former NBA Star TIM HARDAWAY and his Foundation. Tim’s foundation is geared towards helping today’s troubled youth cross over and live productive lives in their .munities. Gino will serve as Creator/Executive Producer/Director. PRE PRODUCTION. SHOOTS 2010. Gino Cabanas’s last feature film CUT OFF, starring Academy Award Winner Faye Dunaway (.WORK, BONNIE & CLYDE, CHINATOWN), Academy Award Nominee Anne Archer (FATAL ATTRACTION), Golden Globe Nominee Malcolm McDowell (A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, ENTOURAGE), Amanda Brooks ( D-WAR, FLIGHTPLAN) Thomas Ian Nicholas (AMERICAN PIE), and Kurupt member of the rap group Tha Dogg Pound, was released through Anchor Bay Entertainment and Universal. Gino served as the Executive Producer/Director. ON DVD. RELEASED 2008. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: