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Astrology Now that she’s lost the Democratic nomination for president, Hillary Clinton has suffered a tremendous setback in her political career. With her tumultuous years in the White house as first lady, and her time in the public eye, almost everyone has strong opinion about the New York senator. But what really motivates this woman, and how will she respond to such a painful failure. See what her Astrology / numerology .bination tells us about this amazing woman. ===> Astronumerology – your Astrology / Numerology .bination Perhaps the best way to get a thumbnail sketch of someone’s personality is to figure their Astrology / Numerology .bination. Astronumerology is based on determining a person’s astrology sun sign and their numerology Life path number, and then analyzing the .bination of the two. You can calculate a person’s Life Path value by summing all of the digits of their date of birth, and reducing the sum using fadic addition. And, since Hillary Rodham Clinton was born on October 26th, 1947, her astrology / numerology .bination is Scorpio with a Life Path (3). ===> Scorpio (3) – The Enterprising Romantic Someone with this .bination bases their life on two guiding principals: persistence and patience. They possess both of these qualities in good measure, and will stay with their goals until they finally reach them. These souls are masters of .munication, and use their talents both to cheer on their friends, and aid their co-workers to get the job done. They find ways to make boring jobs entertaining, and share their secrets with others. They do however expect other people to pull their own weight when it .es to team efforts. People find them to be very level headed and serious, but they don know the creative side of Scorpio Three’s. These souls have tremendous imagination within, and find ways to express it that can shock those around them. Enterprising Romantics tend to rout for the underdog, and the misunderstood in their stories. For they know what it feels like to be misunderstood by those around them. They have a gift for putting a positive spin on whatever message they have to deliver, finding the silver lining in every cloud. They are never down for long, picking themselves up and applying themselves to the task at hand. They may loose the battle, but never the war. ===> Conclusion Hillary Clinton’s Astrology / Numerology .bination tells us that she will .e back from this defeat with the persistence and patience that define Scorpio Three’s. She will move on, either to be a stronger force in the Senate or in some other position in life. Believe me when I predict that we have not heard the last of Hillary Clinton. Like some horror movie monster, she will rise and walk again in the American political scene. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: