69 year old sister to take care of the mentally ill neighbor for the past sixteen years (Figure) punyu

69 year old care for the mentally ill neighbor sister for the past sixteen years (Figure) Zhang Yongqin to wipe the face of Liu Chuanxiang. Respondents for map for the 69 year old Wang Zhuang villagers week Huaiyin District Zhang Yongqin, Liu Chuanxiang the elder sister to be her lifetime care. From the beginning of 2000 will take care of the neighbor Liu Chuanxiang, Zhang Yongqin has insisted for 16 years. "Was a neighbor and sister, let me take care of her" "dongdongdong……" 10, 5 in the morning, Zhang Yongqin home from the east of the cabin came a noise. The east room came the voice, Zhang Yongqin did not neglect, because the living room is her sister Liu Chuanxiang. Filed this sister, Zhang Yongqin can not help but feel compassion. Liu Chuanxiang, 73, looks no different from other old people, but she is a mental patient and is very serious. Serious to what extent? The people in the village saw her walking away! Zhang Yongqin to speed up the pace of. She opened the door and saw Liu Chuanxiang wake up. Familiar with Liu Chuanxiang like Zhang Yongqin turned to a cup of tea. She doesn’t like to drink boiled water." Liu Chuanxiang looked at the tea, and Zhang Yongqin smiled. Sixteen years ago, when she first began to take care of Liu Chuanxiang, she came into sight. It was in 2000, Liu Chuanxiang’s 80 year old mother’s physical deterioration, and later only bed. The old man to life, only Fangxinbuxia is the daughter of Liu Chuanxiang. How can she live without her? See this situation in the village, want to find a suitable person to take care of Liu Chuanxiang, but no one is willing to take this hot potato. At this time, Zhang Yongqin stood out, she knew Liu Chuanxiang, she knew, if the old man left, let the life of her own life, will become a problem in the life of Liu Chuanxiang. At that time, she gave the village committee put down a sentence: "she is my neighbor, is my sister, I will take care of her." So, Zhang Yongqin Liu Chuanxiang every day for the cooking and cleaning the meals, bathing, dressing, meticulous. Later, in order to convenient to take care of Liu Chuanxiang’s life, Zhang Yongqin took her to his own home, living with family, two people with the sisters and her family as their support for the elderly people. To the sister of a good meal for the whole family to move chopsticks for her sister to clean up after personal hygiene, Zhang Yongqin began to eat a meal. Since I came to Zhang, Liu Chuanxiang’s appetite a lot, the body becomes tough up. Change at her sister, Zhang Yongqin Daxinyanli happy. So she told her sister Sheng good meal and settled a good seat, the family began to eat with chopsticks. "I don’t hit my sister……" On the table, Liu Chuanxiang suddenly burst out such a sentence. Zhang Yongqin heard after laughing, the original, the day before Liu Chuanxiang lost his temper and hit the "sister" two slap in the face of the. The mental patient’s behavior and thinking is different from ordinary people, in the face of Liu Chuanxiang Zhang Yongqin vexatious, although injustice, but did not complain, but more dedicated to take care of the elderly. "Estimates when she return to taste!" In the face of sister’s apology, Zhang Yongqin said with a smile. In recent years, Liu Chuanxiang’s condition has improved, and sometimes spoke quite sensible as clear as noonday. According to the people in the village, two days ago, Liu Chuanxiang did not know why.相关的主题文章: