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772 years earlier than the the Imperial Palace, the the Imperial Palace area is 4.5 times, today only ruins tourism Sohu – Daming Palace, the palace of the Tang Empire, was the political center and the symbol of the nation, is located in the Tang capital of Changan (now Xi’an) on the north side of the outside of the original. Founded in 634, formerly known as the county is three, the main city of Changan (the palace of Tang Daming Palace, the palace, the palace of Xingqing) in the largest one. Daming Palace covers an area of 3.2 square kilometers, an area equivalent to 3 Palace of Versailles, 4.5 the Imperial Palace, 12 Moscow Kremlin, 13 Le Louvre Museum, 15 Buckingham Palace, fully displays the magnificent style of Tang Dynasty palace building. In the museum Danfeng Gate site, a doorway clearly visible. Danfeng gate is the main channel of the Tang Dynasty emperor and Miyagi, is also the emperor of the Tang Dynasty more than and 200 years held important political sites, and ascended the throne, Gaiyuan amnesty announced the ceremony held a banquet in external, is a national symbol of the Tang Dynasty, "the first door". Danfeng gate five road, is the highest Chinese system of ancient capital gates construction, its construction lasted until the Ming and Qing Dynasty the Forbidden City was Tiananmen, also known as the "Five", "country", "phoenix" etc.. Daming Palace covers an area of about 3.5 square kilometers, the area is great, the best way is to take a scenic tour of the car battery, to a station and visit, and then take a cable car to the next station. In okimichi square on the west side of the archaeological discovery center, this is a hands-on offer visitors find fun places, can simulate the excavation of cultural relics in the sand, can also be Handmade by China, the world’s most advanced 2D and 3D media technology, visitors can experience the fun of restoration of cultural relics. In the huge Daming Palace, here is very quiet, thick trees and dense grass show vitality, outdoor is available to visitors interactive site. Kids can find the treasure in the sand. Can also be under the guidance of teachers hands-on production of several kiln porcelain, ready to tourists made porcelain firing into the product. Most of the artifacts shown here are unearthed from the ruins of Daming Palace, the Museum of the ruins of the Ming Dynasty palace, where the display of more cultural relics, more beautiful. To the north, is the Daming Palace too liquid pool. Penglai pool, also known as Tai Chi, Changan city is located in the Tang Daming Palace in the north, is the most important of the Tang Dynasty Royal Garden pond. Daming Palace is divided into the former palace and the harem, the palace is the center of the liquid pool and the layout of the palace is the Royal Garden area. The two part of the Youdong Taiye pool pool and the Western pond, west main pool pool, which was flat, an area of about 140 thousand square meters. According to the shore and bottom the lowest gap judgment, should be 2~3 meters deep water at the time. The entire Daming Palace Ruins Park is very open, most of which is free of charge to open the city park, full of trees and grass, to provide a leisure space for the public. Daming Palace Ruins Park Museum is located in the central landscape centre half – underground.相关的主题文章: