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UnCategorized It’s hard to imagine the possibility of a criminal invading the sanctity of our homes with the intention of taking our things or even hurting our loved ones. Yet, it happens every hour of every day in the United States and in all kinds of areas and neighborhoods. Although a home alarm system is not a guarantee against home invasion, it may certainly act as a deterrent. The popularity of such systems has increased by leaps and bounds over the last decade as people have .e to realize that they can be a valuable part of a good security plan. Here’s a little bit more about them. — Generally speaking, a good home security system will monitor a home via three methods: contacts placed at doors, contacts placed at windows, and motion detectors. The best systems will also have contacts on exterior access points that will alert a homeowner if one of them is open, such as a window or back door. Contacts are the most important security feature since they sound the alarm before someone enters the house; motion sensors merely detect movement within the home and are a good added feature, but they should not be considered as the be all end all. — There are two kinds of systems: monitored and unmonitored. With the unmonitored variety, exterior strobe lights will flash and sirens will sound when an intruder tries to get in. Since burglars fear detection, this may be enough of a nuisance to cause them to flee. However, an unmonitored system is limited in that the alarm doesn’t have a connection to an outside source of help. Its effectiveness depends on the alertness of neighbors and those residing in the house. A monitored system is connected to an outside monitoring source, usually run in-house by the alarm .pany. Once the system’s sensors are alerted to something amiss, the resident has between 30-45 seconds to disarm the alarm. If the alarm is not disarmed within that time period, a message is automatically sent over the phone lines to the monitoring center. The monitor will then call the home. If no one answers, or if the respondent gives an incorrect password, the monitor will call the police and help will be dispatched. Many savvy burglars are well aware that alarm signals for monitored systems are sent via phone lines, and so they will cut exterior lines prior to entry. It’s therefore advisable to have phone lines buried in order to avoid this scenario. No home alarm system means sure fire prevention for burglaries or other types of home invasions, but it can be a great help. Residents need to still follow .mon sense safety procedures such as keeping windows and doors locked and bolted. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: