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Automobile sales company "face" fraud court Panpei three times return – Beijing new network in Changting in September 2, (Chen Lifeng Li Yubin) Zhang consumers signed a "contract" with the Fujian Changting car purchase a car sales company agreed: Zhang to Changting a car sales company ordered a brand 2.0L commemorative edition automatic car the price is 176800 yuan, Car Buying. Zhang after mentioning the car, in the use of the process, found the car window, the copilot can not lift the dashboard not normal use, navigation, TV black screen after the pillow can not be used, and then the sales company to negotiate and complaints to the business sector, no results, to the Changting court, request a car sales company and the Changting the brand 4S stores in Longyan, vehicle manufacturers Car Buying refund money 176800 yuan and 353600 yuan compensation for two times Car Buying and other losses 23842.63 yuan. Changting court 2 disclosure, the court verdict Changting a car sales company should be three times the compensation Zhang 3G multimedia navigation system price (17800 yuan) and three times wisdom cloud II rear entertainment system price (4800 yuan) a total of 67800 yuan; joint liability Longyan 4S shop. Changting, a car sales company refused to appeal to the Longyan intermediate people’s court. In August 15th, the Longyan intermediate people’s Court of final appeal upheld the judgment of the case. After the court hearing that litigation "automobile sales contract" agreed to Zhang Changting a car sales company ordered a brand 2.0L commemorative edition automatic car, but the brand automobile manufacturers did not produce sales of the models, on the brand vehicles in Longyan 4S shop, a car sales company in Changting manufacturers standard XX2.0L Comfort Edition (automatic) "car on the installation of non pillow TV original original intelligent navigation and after self named" XX2.0L Commemorative Edition (automatic) "foreign sales. And there is no evidence that the consumer has to Zhang navigation and occipital and the installation of non original TV, there is a shoddy, concealing the real situation of the sales behavior, constitute fraud. But for the fraud is the pillow TV installation of intelligent navigation and, in accordance with the provisions of the "People’s Republic of China consumer protection law" article fifty-fifth, a car sales company in Changting to deal with the implementation of fraud, namely intelligent navigation and occipital TV three times the value of compensation. The brand car Longyan 4S shop and a car sales in Changting constitute a joint infringement of consumer Zhang, should bear joint and several liability. (end)相关的主题文章: