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Baby to eat less salt in order to good health – Sohu maternal and child in the hands of the baby to cook, the mother will be very careful, not only attractive attractive, but also delicious. According to the taste of our adults, and want to eat good food, it is inevitable to use some spices, then the child’s food, is not to add some seasoning? Love salt, baby even if early renal failure that the child would be so, Lee (a pseudonym) is certainly not the salt in the child’s food. Two days ago, Lee found his mother was only a child of the age of inexplicable fever, and what do not want to eat, repeated vomiting, and he did not see his urine for 21 hours, 1 hours. Lee mother rushed to the hospital, the doctor found that: the 1 year old child suffering from renal failure, the situation is very critical. Fortunately, after a full treatment of the doctor, the child finally is also in the rehabilitation of change danger into safety. So why is the child only 1 years old, there is the case of renal failure? It is Li mother worried about their children’s food is too light, so often in the salt, did not expect this leads directly to the children with excessive salt intake, and hence the renal failure case. Nutrition experts said: less than 6 months of children, the daily intake of salt is only 0.5g, and children can not be more than 3G per day, as adults can only intake of 6g. Although salt is a daily necessity, do not eat there will be no strength, but eat too much will increase the burden on the kidneys, heart and other organs, so now we recommend that low sodium salt. Don’t give the children to eat salt, harm super 1 if always give the baby to eat too much salt, then it will cause the salivary secretion decreased, the corresponding number of lysozyme is greatly reduced, bacteria and viruses are more likely to survive, greatly enhance the chances of sick children. 2 because salt has good penetration, so eat too much salt will affect the upper respiratory tract in the normal parasitic flora survival, the results will lead to flora imbalance, frequent illness. 3 salt will inhibit the survival of oral mucosal epithelial cells, leading to the loss of its original disease resistance, the child immunity is not as good as before. 4 salt will also affect the absorption of zinc in children, so as to make him appear anorexia, picky eaters. 5 this sauce will increase the burden on the child’s heart, kidney, resulting in impaired kidney and heart function, such as the above kidney failure is one of the more serious cases. 6 often eat salt will cause the child taste becomes heavier, grow up is very difficult to change, and salt diet will cause hypertension. How to reduce the salt of 1 less than a year old baby threatened not eat milk and salt formula also contains salt, one year old baby can from adequate intake of salt, so when making food supplement for these children, mothers should not add salt to avoid excessive salt intake by Zhi Baobao, influence good health. 2 children not to eat rice soup many parents especially the elderly, especially love to the children to eat rice served in soup, one is more flavor, on the other hand is also convenient for children to eat. But be careful when we are cooking.相关的主题文章: