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Bad jingxian! The central bank or Sohu financial amplification trick delivery of the latest financial information sharing the best financial products and investment projects to welcome a free subscription to public micro signal: weilicaisong more exchanges and learning add personal WeChat: tongbaweilicai lead | interest rate is the price of funds, interest rates rise that funds nervous. When M2 growth fell to 1.5 times the growth rate of GDP and lasted for several months, money shortage is likely to occur. Market rumors of two news: 1, due to funding constraints, the central bank or soon drop; 2, the central bank or the resumption of the 14 day repo. The 10 – year treasury bond futures plummeted today (August 23rd) fell sharply, "the central bank had half a year for the first time on the 14 day reverse repurchase amount" message plus line be the window guidance rumors triggered concerns about whether this means that the central bank wants to lock up long short lever to control the bond market, bond market, to avoid overheating. This year the fire hot bond market experienced a "murder". As of today’s close, the 10 year bond futures contract fell by 0.35%; the main contract for the period of 5 year bond futures fell by 0.19%. Reuters quoted traders said the central bank to restart the 14 day repurchase report required to lead the market down the lever concerns, the superposition of tight money, bond futures and interest rate swaps are hard hit; at the same time (IRS) also sharply higher, expected short-term liquidity is still not optimistic. The inter-bank market of both the central bank open market today net invested 20 billion yuan, after three consecutive days of net return. Reuters analysis, China inter-bank market funds face is still tight early on Monday, accusing him of financial contract further, short-term capital supply and demand pressure in the overnight period mainly increased. China’s interbank market overnight repo repo rate on Tuesday jumped more than 4 basis points, rising for the first time in a row for the first time in nearly 1 months intraday highs in the past five days. Morning announced the Shanghai interbank offered rate (Shibor) although most of the decline, but the overnight and 7 days of Shibor rate continued upward, respectively, up 0.97 points and 0.53 points. This morning, the central bank and the Ministry of Finance 50 billion and 3 months of tender treasury cash deposit interest rate of 2.80%, compared with the previous rise of 5 basis points. The central bank to restart the 14 day reverse repurchase demand volume, may be expected to ease the liquidity phase of tension, but also can not push high leverage. Bad jingxian! The central bank or enlarge the recruit continued to decline in M2 growth, and finally triggered a market reaction! From Monday (August 22nd) in the afternoon, the inter-bank market began to appear signs of financial constraints, especially overnight funds. Today, the situation is more obvious. According to reports, today (August 23rd) overnight pledged repo rate jumped more than 4 basis points, rising for the first time in the past 5 days, today to nearly a month high intraday highs. Overnight and 7 days Shanghai interbank offered (Shibor) interest rates continued upward. 14 day repo rate rose 14 basis points to 2.89%, the biggest increase since June 27th. This.相关的主题文章: