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Business Erica Jones 419 330 1113 Bad Online Business Habits- Trading Results For Excuses "I don’t feel like it." "I’m tired." "I have other things that are more important to do." "I don’t know how and no one will show me." "It’s too hard." "It’s too complicated and I’ll never figure it out." "I have to feed my imaginary pet." Whatever your excuses are- they are never worth giving up your dreams and goals for. This bad online business habit of letting an excuse run our lives and our businesses is about to end. I have come up with a dead simple, no techie knowledge needed, so easy a 8 year old could do it system to get you past your excuses and into the lifestyle you really want. Step One What is your Why? Why are you working your online business? Now take that why and break it down into the smaller pieces that make up the big picture. What your car will be, what vacations you will take, your dream kitchen, the special classes, lessons or even school that your kids can go to, what your family does together, etc. Now write those things down. Step Two Write down the excuses, fears and challenges that you need to overcome. Take one of those challenges and write it down on one side of a card or piece of paper. Then write down what you are "cashing it in for" – one of your desired results. Keep the cards close by and everytime you think about that challenge, fear or excuse, grab the card, turn it over and tell yourself that you’ve traded it in for your new car, or dream vacation. You can’t use it anymore and you are on to bigger and better things. By doing this, you force yourself to look at your excuses and also set goals to drool for. This little trick is just the thing you need to use to get you past those lame ass excuses you make for all the things you feel you can’t do or don’t feel like doing. If you make your desired results drool worthy enough you will stop making excuses and just do what you need to. When it gets tough, remind yourself what you are giving up when you make excuses and push through. Get in touch with me on my Nerve Center and let me know what you put on your cards- front and back! I can’t wait to hear your results. Make it a great day! Erica Jones .kennyanderica../motivation/excuses-for-results-mlm-business Erica Jones 419 330 1113 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: