Beige Lehenga Wonder-ca4111

Fashion-Style The shades of brown used in this lehenga saree .bined with the broad parallel strips make the whole product innately unique. The orange and peach patches have been carefully done with zari woven paisley motifs and embroidered with beige sequins and cutdana beads apart from the resham work that is found throughout the saree. The arrangement of these patches vertically from the waist through the foot and horizontally in the blouse evokes a feminine charm and poise that has to be seen to be understood. The front has a slit that is embroidered and decorated with beige and orange synthetic brocade patch. The violet colour through the right and the blue, beige and orange patch through the left is an innovative .bination that has marvelous work within it. The imagination of the designer has been well materialized by the weaver who has skilled through the work with precise dexterity. The blouse of the saree has .ponents of the sarees body with the sleeve having the border design. The faux georgette saree is an excellent choice for reception or post wedding parties. Immaterial of whether you are the host or guest, this saree is just exact to share the bridal fun. The front slit is very unique by its size, position and concept. Outlining the slit with the light blue material is very cool and makes the saree reflect a tranquil aura. The criss cross lines that form the border of the saree into a pack of closely placed diamond shapes, remind honey .bs owing to the colour .bination used. The next inner section has the traditional mango design applied in a original presentation such that it harmonizes with the whole saree. The designs that have been applied are done after careful observation of the colours used. It reflects the forest and related areas with violet adding to the colourful element of the saree. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: