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Vacation-Rentals The name Morocco does not feature high up on the list of the best places to enjoy holiday in the world. However, the country is no less beautiful. Even though located in the Mediterranean area (which, actually, had a special attraction for me at all times), the country is a mix of culture. It used to be under French rule for long and Morocco got its independence not too long back. The influence of the French rule can be clearly seen till this date. As you will get into the city from the airport, you will be able to find French restaurants. The locals are also quite well versed with the French language, besides Spanish and English. The country is, thus, among the most favourite among the westerners. There are enough attractions available in the entire country to keep one busy for quite a long time. Among all the cities with their various attractions, Marrakesh deserves a special mention. It is not the capital city, but in no way any less important. The city is located at the foot of the Atlas Mountain Range and the natural beauty of the place is worth being mentioned among the best places o earth. If you are on a trip to Morocco and Marrakesh is your destination, make sure you have a proper guide in hand to steer you through the amazing and spectacularly beautiful attractions of the city. Djemaa El Fna This is the marketplace in Marakkesh, but it seems like a festival going on. The best time to be at the place is later in the afternoon when the locals and the visitors flock in and the marketplace seem more lively than anytime during the day. If we call Djemaa El Fna just a marketplace, it will be speaking too less about the place. This is the heart of the city and is a really lively one. You will be able to find all types of vendors and sellers with their respective items, and various performers, musicians, snake charmers, jugglers, magicians, fortune tellers, and almost anything you may think of. The location is nothing less than a festival in progress. The colourful scenery is will remain etched in your soul long after you have left the city. Marjorelle Garden The Marjorelle Garden was originally designed and established by Jacques Marjorelle, a Frenchman, during the French rule over Morocco, in the 1920s and 1930s. It is a Botanical Garden spreading across 12 acres of land and also home to 15 species of birds which are native to North Africa only. The garden is a perfect place to be in the afternoon. It was opened for public viewing in the year 1947. Today, the garden also houses the Islamic Art Museum of Marrakesh. Souks of Marrakesh Souks are basically stores which sell various items. In Marrakesh a first timer might get a little overwhelmed by the variety of souks present and their locations may seem like confusing at first, however, they are perfectly arranged. You will notice that the souks have been named according to the product available. Do visit it at the end of the day. After all, no holiday trip is .plete without some grand shopping. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: