Brothers with free launch Chen Xiao led the fresh blood mudghah hits fashion —

"Brothers" with free launch     Chen Xiao led the fresh blood mudghah hits fashion — directed by Zhang Qi, Li Jinwen, Chen Xiao, producer, producer, Du Tianhao, Liu Ruilin, Li Xian and other popular idol starring the super youth campus network drama "I sleep in the upper brothers" in the upcoming launch of free today. This drama with a lot of fun and laughter was eagerly watched by the audience at the beginning of the broadcast, and was officially updated today after patiently waiting. The play, Chen Xiao will become the leading group "on the grass and meat brothers together play HI Youth, and the romantic love with the goddess, campus Belle will be the theme of" youth, self willed, bold creation!" Go to the end, but also lead the audience back to the hot youth, return to the green onion campus. Super net play "sleeping on my upper brother" as the 2016 network drama did not sow the first model of fire, before the broadcast attracted much attention. In January 15th after the pilot set broadcast 12 hours, the amount of play is more than 10 million. Although only two episodes were set up, the audience could still feel the atmosphere of different and other youth films and the smell of hot blood hormone. Prior to this, "sleeping brothers" opened the first member of the model, and quickly break through 50 million of the amount of play, triggering a "sleeping brothers" on demand frenzy. At the same time, starring Chen Xiao with a role in the drama "Lin Xiangyu" by the audience favorite and praise, quickly become a network of hot search, to obtain a high degree of concern and the amount of the topic. In the play, Chen Xiao as the 330 dormitory divisions, while teaching various word frequency after the secret sister take a, together with the brothers created "friends lie hi play unlimited, brother can do anything, and the moment of director of wits, will present the university life, restore God struck the audience and that this is a moreish oratorio. At the same time, the Chen Xiaohe brothers have wine to drink together, something together to carry the lofty sense of justice but also let the audience back to the blood personally on the scene, but people only once enough blood of the student. Many viewers said, really think of the University’s good friends, want to give them a call. At the same time, the network is launched "Chen Xiaodai you return to eighteen years old" activities, to miss everyone in the hearts of "330" and green campus time. In the face of such a popular evaluation, the audience who has only seen the episode shows that they can finally chase the drama, and they can’t wait for it. It is reported that "sleeping on my upper berth brother" from today, Monday to Friday, every noon a set of updates; the name of the big film will be released nationwide in April 1st. 《上铺兄弟》免费开播  陈晓领衔鲜肉团热血来袭–时尚–人民网 由张琦执导,李锦文任制片人、监制,陈晓、杜天皓、刘芮麟、李现等当红偶像联袂主演的青春校园超级网剧《睡在我上铺的兄弟》即将在今日免费开播。这部颇具看点与笑点的网剧在开播之初就受到观众的热切关注,在经过耐心的等待后终于在今日正式更新。剧中,陈晓将变身校草与领衔鲜肉团“上铺兄弟”一起嗨玩青春,与女神、校花一起浪漫恋爱,将主题“青春任性,大胆造!”进行到底,也带领观众重返热血青春,重返青葱校园。 超级网剧《睡在我上铺的兄弟》作为2016年网剧未播先火的典范,在播出前就备受关注。在1月15日先导集播出后12小时,播放量更是突破1000万。虽然只播出了两集先导集,但在剧中观众依然能感受到不同与其它青春片的氛围与热血荷尔蒙的气息。在此之前,《睡兄弟》就开启了会员先看模式,并在迅速突破5000万播放量,引发了“全民睡兄弟”的点播狂潮。与此同时,主演陈晓凭借在剧中“林向宇”一角色深受观众喜爱与好评,迅速成为网络热门搜索,获得高关注度与话题量。在该剧中,陈晓作为330宿舍的军师,一会传授追妹秘诀各种金句频冒,一会是与兄弟一起自创“交友趴”嗨玩无限,为兄弟可以两肋插刀,与主任时刻斗智斗勇,将当下大学生活的“神还原”,引起观众的极大共鸣,并表示这是一部让人欲罢不能的神剧。同时,陈晓和兄弟们有酒一起喝,有事一起扛的豪情仗义也让观众们身临其境热血沸腾,仿佛回到那个曾经单纯却让人足够热血的学生时代。不少观众表示,真的想到了大学时的好朋友们,很想给他们打个电话。与此同时,网络中更是发起了“陈晓带你重返十八岁”的活动,来怀念每个人心中的“330”和青葱校园时光。面对如此受欢迎的评价,只看过先导集的观众表示,终于可以追剧了,自己已经迫不及待了。 据悉,《睡在我上铺的兄弟》从今天开始,周一至周五,每天中午更新一集;同名大电影将于4月1日全国上映。相关的主题文章: