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Cross strait light culture tourism festival will be held in Taiwan for the first time in the new network for the handover to Taiwan dingguang Buddha gold. Xie Jinfa photo Beijing Wuping 5 November, 5, (Liu Lingping Xie Jinfa) fifth cross strait cultural tourism festival to light the torch light, golden light Buddha dingguang Buddha Temple ceremony to send driving school in Wuping County were Qing Yanqian held. Wuping County Deputy Secretary Zhang Lihua, county committee, United Front minister Zhong Jiansheng, chairman of the county CPPCC, light cultural exchanges to promote Taiwan County vice president Lin Shanke and members of the delegation of more than 20 from Taiwan Changhua to participate in the activities of the Buddhist temple of light. In Wuping County held a grand ceremony for Taiwan compatriots, warmly welcomed the arrival of Taiwan, and gilded dingguang Buddha for the opening, and the acquisition of the flame together by Taiwan delegation to Taiwan, this is the first stage of Wuping County Organization Taiwan to carry out the fifth cross strait light Cultural Tourism Festival activities. Members of the Taiwan delegation, Changhua dingguang fomiao director of management committee member Huang Anshun told reporters that this came to your dingguang Buddha and golden flame, the purpose is to further strengthen the cross-strait exchanges and cooperation, to better run held in Taiwan in the fifth cross-strait cultural tourism festival of light, light Buddha will bless you peace, on both sides of a pro, I hope everyone peace has, to accelerate the development of common. Dingguang Buddha called "Hakka protection god", both at home and abroad is the temple Qing Institute of Hakka pilgrimage, light culture is an important platform of Wuping County and Taiwan to strengthen communication. In order to further play the role of light culture, continue to improve cross-strait cultural brand and the rock before the light Qing Institute as dingguang Buddha Temple influence, Wuping County has been held in the four cross strait light Cultural Tourism Festival this year is fifth. Unlike in previous years, through the efforts of relevant departments, this year will be the first in the light of cultural tourism festival held in Taiwan is Taiwan, Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council to determine the focus of Taiwan exchange programs, then, Taiwan will be carried out in Taiwan, light culture and grassroots exchanges and other activities. Wuping County affairs office director Wu Minxia said, Taiwan (Taiwan) Wuhan exchanges frequently, in addition to the common cultural tourism festival held the light, each of the two sides will carry out various forms of interactive activities, to further enhance the light culture influence, enhance the friendship between the two sides of Wuhan station. Millennium flame, blessing the two sides. In recent years, with the help of dingguang Buddha Wuping County, actively explore the new path of exchanges and cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan, and Taiwan to carry out a number of light around Gufo faith exchanges, closer cross-strait exchanges, fruitful results have been achieved in trade, agriculture, culture, science and technology cooperation, through various activities, cross-strait exchanges have become increasingly popular, constantly opened a new chapter of exchanges and cooperation between Fujian and taiwan. (end)相关的主题文章: