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Software It is not always easy for new website to gain higher position in serps due to high competition from well established websites of similar niche. In my 4 years seo carrier I have tried many quick tricks to rank new websites in serps, the most effective way I have found is to build quick quality back links. There are already few old methods for creating these back links like directory submissions, blog commenting, forum posting etc. However the most robust and effect method I have ever came across is submitting the website to web2.0 css galleries. Now a days there are tons of css galleries appearing online, however it doesnt always worth to showcase your work in all galleries. After much research I have made a list of few of the best galleries where you can add your website, they not only give you excellent initial exposure but also provide high quality back links with higher PR which helps your website to attain high PR.. When I say Emerging web design trends then of course I am talking about Web2.0 websites, html5 and css3 technologies. As the time is passing, web designing guide lines are getting upgrading. I always remember I have started working with html 3.2(that was latest when I have joined this industry, however the oldest version was html2.0) with CSS1. After few year I have switched myself to html4 and css2, these updated version have provided more powerful features and I thought that there would not be more features required for better web development. For Css Award and Css Showcase like. Please check the following list of css galleries: .www.csstrophy.com This is the best css gallery I have ever came across. They not only approve your website in 24 hours, instead they nominate your website for the css award/ css winner of the month. They also list the CSS winner on their css award page. Overall this is the best css showcase. Their experts also guide your if your website do not meet their standards Other css galleries: .www.csstrophy.com .www.webcreme.com/ .www.awwwards.com/ .www.cssluxury.com/ .www.cssdaddy.com/ ..cssmania../ About the Author: 相关的主题文章: