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Web-Development It is a fact that the charges of a web design .pany is exorbitant .pared to a freelancer. Due to this financial reason many prefer to have their website designed by a freelancer. Apart from financial reason you will find that freelancers pay attention to your work and they have good .munication channel that gives you a lots of .fort. Freelancer is only the person to whom you have to deal with so everything is fast here and leave no scope of any delay. Apart from this benefits you may experience some pit fall in using a freelancer the greatest one is that freelancer may leaves you in mid way of the project. While in case of a .pany this never happens. .pany will give charges to another developer if anything is wrong in the project. Another benefit of a .pany is that they can give you a chance to choose your developer by offering their CVs or their work portfolio so you will have freedom to select your suitable developer by taking their interview for your dream project. You can change your developer mid-way if anything happens with your developer and they immediately replace the developer. There are project manager in .pany who most of the time deal with you and act as a contact point for you so you can easily manage a big team of developers for your big project. Project manager provides regular update regarding to your project. This way you can easily manage a big project with a .pany while in case of a freelancer managing a big project is a big issue. Moreover, a big project demands various skill sets and freelancer may not have such required skill set because only one man cannot get all kind of knowledge at a time so you have limited choice for a freelancer. Infrastructural facilities are another issue with freelancer. You may not get enough infrastructural facilities for a freelancer because he/she may not have provision to purchase required tools and technology for your development. Most of the .panies provide 24X7 supports so you will have availability of your developers at your time zone or they can match your time zone simply changing their shift. This kind of facilities is not available with freelancer and you have to work for their time and that is most tedious job. With .pany there is someone who is responsible to answer your queries while in case of freelancer you have to be dependable to only one person. Post development services are important and you need maintenance services from a developer time to time. This is possible with a .pany to provide you such services because they have separated staff for this purpose. In case of freelancer this kind of services has less chance to occur because only one man cant do everything at a time. Copyright 2011 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: