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Internet-Marketing The importance of an email marketing opt in list can’t be emphasized enough, because it builds trust with your list. What you have to figure out, though, is how to really capture the attention of your audience. One important piece of any opt in campaign is the special offers you provide through your .munications. There are some things you can do to make those offers stand out and take your listbuilding efforts to the next level: Never forget FREE and a spirit of giving builds a bond. If you give your customers something free, they will remember. This helps build rapport between you and your customer. So when it is time for them to take advantage of your special offer, they will. This is the one of the magic formulas of opt in marketing, that is creating a sense of obligation through giving up front. Always remain personal with the customers. It does not matter if you are offering them something on a squeeze page or through your email marketing opt in list. Remain a person to them. Talk to them one on one. Always pay attention to them. Even if your whole list is set up with an autoresponder, find ways to make the copy more personal. On your squeeze page you can have your photo and a signature, so they will know who they are talking to, and feel a bond right from the beginning. Make your Subject Lines .pelling and Generate Curiousity. Imagine if you will for a minute that your intended customer has 10 or more other opt in lists in their inbox. What makes yours stand out? The subject line is the best weapon you have at his point, so make use of it with every mailing. Try to keep the design simple with no distractions when designing the layout of the squeeze page or emails for your opt in list. There should be no other links other than the ones you want the customer to follow. Large fat arrows pointing to the opt in box are very effective. Use the right language. This means you need to able to at least sound like an expert in your chosen niche, even if you are not. All that is usually required is a small amount of research. You need to find and subscribe to a few of the top blogs in your niche, read and post on the forums related to your niche, and ask questions. Stay on top of every aspect of your niche. You should use as many power words as possible in your sales copy. Words and phrases such as Click Now, Limited Time Offer, Discover, Revealed, Who Else Wants To?, Click Here, Don’t Miss Out, Act Now, etc… Use these to get people’s attention and to draw them into a certain areas of your copy. My last piece of advice is to join email marketing opt in list in your niche and see what is hot right now among your peers. Read their list carefully and be aware of anything that really gets your attention. You have to find ways to incorporate things you found that you like into your list. This will not only be appealing to you but also the list members. At the end of the day, it is all about meeting them where they are and solving their problems, isn’t it? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: