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Foreign media: Chinese army stocks of real estate market in U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrant source: Bloomberg reported Chinese vision 29, said, due to the stock market this year lackluster speculators China A stock market to the real estate market. Bloomberg of 10 strategists and fund managers survey median showed that the Shanghai composite index at the end of this year is expected to close at 3075 points. It also means that the stock market may rise from Wednesday’s closing level of 2.9%. The survey shows that China’s stock market under the pressure of factors including loose monetary policy is expected to subside, the economic slowdown, as well as the possibility of rising interest rates triggered by the u.s.. Reported that, as China’s stock market forces into other assets, the world’s second largest stock market trading volume has dropped to two years low. The stock market turmoil in 2015 upset investors. Investors turned their sights on bigger targets earlier this year after a frenzy of investment in commodity futures. At present, China’s stock market average turnover of 5 days has dropped to $364 billion, the lowest level since November 2014. Last year, this value was more than 2 trillion yuan. At the same time, new housing prices hit the biggest increase in six years. Shanghai new housing prices in August a record increase of 4.4%, up by a year earlier, Beijing new residential prices rose by. In the stock market, surveyed analysts are not optimistic about the small cap technology stocks, because of its high valuation. Construction companies are favored by the government to increase investment in infrastructure. In order to hedge against the risk of falling exchange rate, mainland investors to invest in the Hongkong stock market and mutual funds. This month, Hongkong and Hong Kong through the mechanism of the net purchase price of shares reached 58 billion 700 million yuan, north to buy a net scale of only $1 billion 750 million. Hongkong’s Hang Seng Index rose 7.8% this year, is expected to usher in the best performance since 2012. Bloomberg survey of strategists and fund managers from AXA, Warburg securities, central China Securities, gold investment, JK life insurance (JK Life Insurance Co. (KGI Securities), KGI Co.), the United States General Fund (KraneShares), Shenwan Hong investment management company Xufunds, Yuanta securities. Fortis fund, fengjinxin fund and UBS (UBS Group AG) is also involved in the investigation. Editor: Li bolt SF171相关的主题文章: