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G20 promote China’s steel industry capacity to   the next 5 years production of crude steel 1.5 tons of energy — people.com.cn G20 summit will once again this year, steel overcapacity situation "thrown on the table", September 5th, according to G20 results, the OECD will take the lead in the establishment of the global forum for steel overcapacity. As one of the countries, steel overcapacity in fact, China had to address the problem of excess production capacity, shutting down the supply side reform and other means to do in the first half of this year has played effect, however, at the G20 summit, the compression of iron and steel industry overcapacity is facing new challenges. In September 3rd, President Xi Jinping said at the opening of the G20 summit in Hangzhou – speech, from the beginning of 2016 to 5 years Yajian crude steel production capacity of 100 million to 1.5 tons, with 3 to 5 years to exit the coal production capacity of 5 tons, 5 tons reduction restructuring. Excess capacity to resolve the initial results have been obtained according to relevant data show that in the context of supply side reforms, the government at all levels to promote a strong capacity plan. In accordance with the original plan in 2016 to reduce the pressure of crude steel production 45 million tons, from the implementation level, as of July this year, the country’s total steel production capacity of decompression of 21 million 260 thousand tons, accounting for the proportion of 47%. At the same time, according to the data show that as of the end of August this year, a total of 23 provinces and has released arthorn steel production plan, the 22 provinces in 2016 to determine the production target, iron and steel production capacity was 37 million 870 thousand tons and 72 million 70 thousand tons, has exceeded the annual 45 million tons of the total goal. At the same time, so far two Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and steel enterprises plan 2016 compressed steel production capacity of 3 million 950 thousand tons and 4 million 420 thousand tons, in 2016, the main provinces and the central enterprises will be compressed steel production capacity of 80 million 640 thousand tons, production capacity of 41 million 60 thousand tons of iron. "This year, especially in the second half of the year, especially after the G20 summit held in the iron and steel production capacity to be" wildly beating gongs and drums to ". However, we need to see is that if you want to increase the production capacity, with the central government and the relevant departments to supervise more provinces and cities are inseparable, and the enterprise can obtain the capacity and abetting the invalid government subsidies are closely related. It is understood that the Hebei iron and steel production capacity to make up 25 yuan per ton iron, per ton is 30 yuan subsidy." Some analysts, such as the Securities Daily reporters. According to the relevant industry analysts said, at present, China’s push to resolve the overcapacity in the steel production capacity, mainly in the two aspects of the work, the first is the elimination of excess steel production capacity, in addition to the above results have been obtained, it is understood that in order to speed up the second half of the year to production schedule, the central government to the dispatched 10 inspection teams, to resolve the overcapacity in special deployment inspection. At present, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and other regions have completed the task ahead of schedule; to the province of the province of large capacity publicity list, involving 18 million 400 thousand tons of iron and steel production capacity of 16 million tons of iron and steel, plans to be completed by November. In addition, from the suppression of new steel projects, in 2015 China’s steel industry investment in fixed assets 562 billion 300 million yuan相关的主题文章: