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Business Your name doesn’t have to be Martha Stewart to craft your own wedding favors, a token from the bride and bridegroom to their wedding guests traditionally given at the wedding reception. Its not as difficult as you may think. With a faltering economy, homemade and inexpensive wedding favors are a great way to save money, be creative and have fun at the same time, and your guests will be impressed. So gather friends and family for a night of homemade wedding favor-making or ordering. A wedding favor can be a memento that the guests take home, an edible favor to be eaten before dinner is served and some favors help guests join in the wedding celebration or are functional at the actual wedding, like champagne glasses. Others wedding favors, like a CD of the wedding, will be enjoyed by guests later. Another trendy choice is to use seed packet wedding favors which are not only decorative but also symbolic and functional. A packet of flower seeds tied with ribbon is eco- and budget-friendly. Your guests will remember your wedding day as their wedding favor is in blossom. Another idea for a unique wedding favor is jars full of dry layered ingredients for baked goods. These make beautiful, thoughtful homemade wedding favors. You can find many different recipes for them in books or online. Bubbles, candles and potpourri sachets are easily personalized for wedding favors that will be both functional and a nice gift for wedding guests. Maybe you don’t have the time to .mit to homemade wedding favors. Here are a few inexpensive wedding favor ideas. A simple lottery ticket is an exciting yet inexpensive wedding favor. The ticket can serve two purposes. It is a wedding favor that doubles as a place card if you place it in an envelope. Who knows, someone may strike it rich and share the wealth. Making a donation to your favorite charity in honor of your guests will make a wonderful personal wedding favor. You may also celebrate your .munity with a donation or remember a family member with a memorial donation. Small picture frames can hold name cards and double as a wedding favor. Guests can add their own photo or one from your special day. Send guests home with the songs hallmarked at your reception. You can find blank CDs and jewel cases for less than $1 each. A potted plant can easily replace expensive centerpieces and serve as a take-home wedding favor for guests. This idea is green and a naturally inexpensive alternative to traditionally expensive flower arrangements. Weddings are wonderful events that should be cherished for many ye About the Author: 相关的主题文章: