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The girl in the cabin fell million meters altitude cerebral hemorrhage doctor emergency rescue – Sohu news "Beijing time at about 20 meters altitude flights from Bangkok to Hangzhou AirAsia flight FD568, a four or five year old girl fall under the seat head bleeding through the broadcast crew to find out whether there is a doctor on the flight, otherwise the nearest airport emergency landing. Yuhang, the first people’s Hospital of Hangzhou City, Dr. Xu Liang, the first time to inform the identity of the crew after the treatment of the girl……" More than 11 in the evening of September 16th, just landed in Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport Zhang, Yuhang, made a circle of friends. Yesterday, the money newspaper reporter came to the Yuhang district hospital radiology department, found the night shift doctor Xu Liang. 39 year old doctor Xu has been practicing medicine for 21 years, he did not expect, just after one night, he became a net red". In the office, Xu Liang told the money newspaper reporter recalled on the eve of the unforgettable air rescue. The little girl kepo head meters altitude emergency broadcast Xunyi from September 11th to September 16th, Dr. Xu in Hugh, and several friends reported to Thailand tour, Mr. Zhang was among them. In a total of 16 people, basically Zhejiang province tourists. In September 16th, Beijing time 6:15 flight took off from Bangkok. He was sitting in the last row of 31, arrived in Hangzhou is expected to be 10:20 in the evening. Take off more than 1 hours later, the aircraft cabin position, suddenly heard the little girl crying. At first, we did not care, but more and more loudly, the passengers began to look around. It turned out that a five year old little girl playing in the seat, accidentally fell to the ground, just hit the head under the seat of the track, the back of the head bleeding. Parents with napkin pressing hemostasis, but the blood flow in still. At about 8, the plane began broadcasting all over the cabin to seek help from the passengers. After the first broadcast, no passengers have stood up. Zhang and Dr. Xu said, it seems only you can help. 23 years not treated surgical wound field force is Xu Liang resorted to the radiologist Yuhang a hospital radiology physician, has been practicing medicine for 21 years in the radiology department work. Although undergraduate reading is a professional clinical medicine, but the last time to help people bleeding wound dressing, or 23 years ago when the intern. After all, so many years did not engage in clinical science, I was still a little worried, if the situation is complicated, worried about the treatment is not good. Second times the radio when I stood up, to the flight attendants that he is a doctor, can help me see. Together, there is a Taizhou Hospital prevention and health section of Wu, she later as my assistant." Go to the crew with Xu Liangzhao crying little girl, parents are wiping the blood gush wipes, head with a bag, the girl’s collar, to have blood. "My estimate, the wound is 2 cm long, however, because of crying, bleeding is not smooth, the head also drum with a diameter of two or three centimeters of the blood bag." There is a medical first aid kit on the plane. Only a licensed doctor can open it. With no documents, Xu Liang can only find.相关的主题文章: