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Yang Weiquan: for low-frequency wine life service life, and the scale of the passengers is the biggest killer – Sohu technology < CEO Yang Weiquan > grape wine life; life is a life service platform service, all we do is home service. Grape life is also quite a service provider platform, Tmall is to sell goods, we are selling services, and our positioning is strict selection. What’s wrong with O2O? O2O after the bubble burst, this year, O2O projects are called life service. What the hell is wrong with O2O? Life is a grape company founded in 2012, in the field of life services we do for nearly ten thousand hours, we have been a platform, we do not do the service itself, but we see a lot of demand. There are two types of life services, is a high frequency service, taxi, catering, group purchase, but unfortunately the three high frequency service has been caught in the quagmire of burn, although a lot of money, but no money. Why so much money into it? Because they’re too high. The other is the non high frequency service, there is no chance to enter the quagmire. Whether it is the upgrading of consumption or service online, service changes in the lives of everyone. Why is this just the need for services, but also led to the so-called bubble state, the most important one of the core is the scale, the scale of all O2O companies, all service providers. Why do you say so? Because all O2O companies have an Internet thinking, Internet thinking on behalf of what? We will make the service standardization, and rapid scale, your platform orders will be very beautiful, and then continue to burn. If you are in the low frequency service, the scale will make your cost rise quickly. But in terms of the Internet, the larger the marginal cost is close to zero, your order from one thousand to ten thousand, the server only need to add a. If the line services, such as housekeeping, your order from one thousand to ten thousand of the time, you need to increase more than 10 times the aunt, your training costs, management costs, order, order density peak and idle value will give you all the cost very high, but also will lead to a decline in quality each service. So low frequency can not do large-scale, your cost will rise, quality will decline. There are second problems, that is, passengers. What is the most expensive in twenty-first Century? Flow rate! All service companies are doing traffic, are doing their own platform, each service is relatively low frequency, and will not be particularly high price. In this case, the cost is very high, the last service will become impossible to continue. Four characteristics of non high frequency good service 1, this is a professional bubble brought dividends, in the service of professional standardization and we do a lot of research, such as home housekeeping, first proposed 7 color process, clean, sanitary towel partition isolation and so on, massage, laundry service and all. Are all standardized. 2, the scale of the urbanization process is so fast, we are very fast pace of life, a lot of services are just needed, including housekeeping, household appliances, cleaning and maintenance, etc., if read相关的主题文章: