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Reference-and-Education Your fears have been realized. You have just discovered that your daughter is into girl bullying. Now the question is: How can I stop my teenage daughter bullying other females? While there are many steps you can take, the first step is to forget about the guilt over not recognizing the signs earlier. The second step is to sit down with your daughter and begin asking questions. This part will not be easy. She has already reached the point wherein she might not respond to your questions, let alone be willing to talk about it. So how do you reach your daughter? By continually and consistently keeping the lines of .munication open. You can address the issue at first, but be aware you may not get very far. You can talk to the school counselors and ask for advice on how to get your daughter to open up. It is important, however, no matter how long the process takes to try to understand what your daughter is going through. Perhaps there is a problem that she cannot readily articulate to you. Be patient. Reinforce the love you have for your daughter. Let her know you can and will listen when she is ready to explain what she is feeling. Dont give up trying. Most likely your daughter wants to talk, but may not know now to express herself. Give her time. When you feel there is a moment when she is open to discussion, take the opportunity. Do not judge, but listen. Show her continual love and support. Let her know there is nothing she can do that will change the way you feel about her. If none of these methods work, and your daughter doesnt open up to you or anyone in the family, call a professional. Make an appointment for a one-on-one session. Sometimes talking to a .plete stranger is easier than trying to explain how you feel to someone close. After the initial visit, your daughter may be.e depressed, moody, or show anger towards you. Addressing ones innermost feelings can be hard, especially for a girl who has been engaging in teenage bullying for some time. She not only has her own feelings to deal with, but the pressure of constantly being reprimanded at school for being a girl bully. Moreover, while the initial response in trying to stop your teenage daughter bullying other females is to chastise and yell at her for engaging in this inappropriate behavior, it is the last thing she needs. Remember, this is about her and what she is going through. You can always examine your familys part in this later on. As therapy progresses, the anger she feels towards you and others in the home will subside. She will begin to address the deep-rooted issues she was unwilling to face. You may see a change in her demeanor, her clothes, and her interaction with family members. This is her way of getting back into the family unit. Give her constant love and support to help her get through this awful time. 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