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Creating a profitable .puter work at home business with the ability to make money online has be.e a popular dream. But how does one turn that dream into a profitable .puter work at home business that will help you to make money online? If you would like to learn my simple formula for creating a profitable .puter work at home business… continue reading: 1. Learn How To Generate Website Visitors Your business will not be successful if nobody knows your website exists. So how do you get visitors to your website? The answer is really very simple Give them a reason to visit your website! The easiest way to do this is to offer them FREE content when they visit. Find something in your niche that people need. Join forums or news groups visit active blogs and find out what people are talking about. Focus on a killer idea that will make people want to link to your site and use it to create free content. Once visitors are actually at your website, it is not difficult to get them to spend. But first you have to give them the incentive to be.e one of your customers; and the easiest way to do this is to offer them something FREE for visiting your site. When your visitors realize you are willing to share free, helpful information, they start to speculate about your premium content. So, be sure to give them free useful content. It can be a few free ebooks, a free training course, a free video, free search engine optimization submission, etc. Once you give them a reason to visit your site, you’ve piqued their interest. You can use other traffic producing agents like: – Social Networking Sites – Chat Rooms – Blogs – Search Engines – Forums etc. 2. Build Your Personal Opt-In Mailing List Say goodbye to bulk email Opt-In email is still one of the best promotional tools on the Internet. However, because of abuse it is likely that your regular email will be ignored. Spam emails are the quickest way to turn off a potential customer, and sending spam may make you lose yourwebsite altogether. The way to .bat this is using to use your own opt-in email list. Everyone who is successful online uses an ezine to build their Opt-In email. It is not difficult to set up your own own ezine! If you haven’t started an ezine yet you can start your own ezine for FREE at Getresponse… If you want to be.e truly successful with your internet home based business, you need an ezine. An Ezine allows you an affordable way to market your product. You choose how often you would like to send one out daily, weekly, monthly. Even if you’re not the world’s greatest writer you can still run an ezine. Many website owners will let your use their articles in your ezine at no cost! All you have to do is ask! 3. Use Several Methods To Grow Your List There are at least 7 ways of using your opt-in mailing list to build a .puter work at home business. Here are two that stand head and shoulders above the others. The first way is marketing to your opt-in ezine subscribers. Offer one of your lower priced products or opportunities as a special bonus each month or as a special bonus or when someone buys a higher priced item. The typical response rate from your own list of subscribers is usually between 1% to 10%! Here’s how it works: Lets say you have a product that costs $39 and you have a list of 5,000, even a response rate of 1% will make you $1950. And a better response rate of 3% will make you $5,850. And you can do this once each month or even every week! But this is just the beginning. Imagine if you had an opt-in list of 50,000 subscribers or more… Do you see where I am going with this? I know of mailing lists that have over 600,000, and although 5,000 opt-in subscribers is a good start, the real money is with the bigger opt-in lists. The bigger the list the more profit is possible. And this is where your second profit stream will .e from. Use your Ezine to sell advertising space to your opt-in subscribers as your list grows. Once people start getting a good response to their ads from your subscribers, they are obviously going to want more. So even if you only charge them $20 per ad per week, with as little as 10 advertisers in your ezine, you could be making $800 per month just from the ads in your ezine! Maybe not enough to retire on, but it’s not a bad sideline! As I said, these are only two ways to make a profit there are at least another five ways you can realize your dream of making money online with a profitable .puter work at home business. 相关的主题文章: