How to determine the price of calligraphy and painting works

How to determine the price of painting and calligraphy works investment source: month investment in painting and calligraphy painting and calligraphy, each piece of calligraphy and painting, finally can be realized by the corresponding price, thus accurately give a painting price, is one of the key investment collection of painting and calligraphy. The investment works of calligraphy and painting, we must first understand the relationship between the structure and the price of Chinese painting and calligraphy, painting and calligraphy in the celebrity’s market transactions, usually in "square feet" as the unit of account. However, because of the difference of "China painting on the shape between the shape" and "square feet" has a certain internal conversion between conventional, and the understanding of this relationship, to invest in celebrity painting will have greater help. A painting and calligraphy works so that the square of the conversion, the centimeter and square feet conversion formula: (long cm X wide cm) X 0.0009 = square feet. China painting form, can be summarized as the axis, volume, volume of three categories, according to the provisions of these pieces of body painting style is mounting form. Each kind of different style and product type or mounting type. That is the same shape, there are relatively independent form of mounting, such as shaft, the other set of hanging scrolls antithetical couplet. In addition, there are not classified Hengpi, Mirror Heart etc.. 1. The vertical shaft is a kind of the most common form of Chinese mounting. The picture straight heart, painting heart such as four feet three or four feet six, according to three square feet or a square foot over the valuation, two kinds of specifications, according to the actual size of the calculation, more than a foot according to the actual calculation of the area, such as three feet, eight inches wide, by three square calculation; four feet long and wide a foot and a half, according to the calculation of six square feet. 2. It can be hung and antithetical couplet antithetical couplet with a nave suspension at the same time, is popular with people especially the intellectual class like shape. According to the general picture of the long terms, their feet and long the same banner, such as four feet and four feet of the banner antithetical couplet square feet and prices are basically the same. It is noted that the number of words on the antithetical couplet and price is proportional to four feet seven to four feet five word than the word above about 20%. 3. Hengpi Hengpi for painting heart shape vertical short long horizontal, vertical as long as a general rule, not more than four feet long cross. Because it is more suitable for the layout in the modern room, as usual for hanging above the sofa in the living room, so the more popular. Whether it is traditional Chinese painting or calligraphy works, the basic area of the conversion and banners are similar, but the price is high than the size of about 20% banners. 4. Fan fan with its elegant form, has always been in favor of collection. Fan though but feet, but in the market transactions, often repeated at a high price so changed hands, the fan blades according to the general area of a square foot and a half a fan valuation, with two square feet of valuation. In addition, another market rare fan painting, the general area in terms of diameter, diameter of less than one foot by one foot square denominated, more than one foot according to the square of the diameter of the surface of valuation. 5. Roll roll is mainly for the literati private fellowship at the desk of the exhibition tour, often in close proximity, "Trinidad exhibition effect, good hand, usually than the general painter in the culture and the world of skill on the area and better than others, so the price ratio and.相关的主题文章: