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UnCategorized In the world of Web 2.0 great content can be rewarded, as well as some not-so-great content. Like everything, the 80/20 rule still applies. All content is not rewarded equally. So how can you ensure you have an unfair advantage when it .es to monetizing your content? Monetizing content .es under two broad category matches. One is using content to bring traffic to your website, and the second is ensuring you attain the best return on investment once your traffic arrives. How to use content to increase your positions in the SERPs… Submit articles to article directories and attain hundreds of back-links for your website. Keep in mind that any text or on-site SEO factors on your website are unlikely to bring you traffic until you build links pointing towards pages on your website. You should also ensure that the anchor text for a link is similar to a term you would like to rank for. This means that you should choose "adsense" as the anchor text if you want to appear highly on in the search engine result pages for "adsense". Use quality content to increase your quality score for adwords. In doing this you will attain a higher position in the sponsored results without increasing your cost-per-click. You could also use your copywriting skills to increase CTR and further increase ROI for your PPC media spend. Write website content that makes other webmasters desperate to link to you. Show authority, be there as and when it happens and make sure you have something to say about it. Although you should not aim to change your content by filling it with keywords, make sure you at least have the text in your website content that you would like to rank for. SEO copywriting should be discreet, but do not remember never to sacrifice calls-to-action so that you can achieve keyword density success. You will lower conversion rates, and not impress search engines either. I have the visitors, now what do I do… Monetization methods should .e down to the basic principle of what gives the best return on investment. Maybe one of the below choices is only natural for you to select, for others it may involve rigorous testing, whilst others may implement and incorporate ideas from both. Drive traffic to your main product offerings, through either placing content on the main landing pages for your products, or through linking to these pages. Place contextual advertising on your website. You do not need any products, and you have the ability to attain at least 10-fold on top of what traditional print media attains per impression. Why? Adverts are targeted and driven towards the traffic that you have brought to your site. Place affiliate code on your web site and make money for each sale you refer. With affiliate marketing you are only receiving .missions for sales you induce. If you are providing a true return on investment for buyers, then this will most likely have the strongest results. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: