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UnCategorized Now, you’ve finally decided that its time to add another marketing tool in your business’ marketing campaign. You’ve already launched a blog site directing to your business’ site domain. Also, you have been submitting articles to various article sites and things are quite going as planned. Also, just recently, you have found a competent ghost writer or copy writer to continue the article submissions while you wrap your head on the new tool that you intend to use- video marketing. With the various free hosting video sites and the low budget production of your ad video, you are now able to make numerous videos and not have to spend as much as you would have to with TV commercials. Frankly, television commercials are quite hurtful to the budget, but with web videos, spending is quite manageable. There are actually various types of video which your can employ for your marketing or advertising campaign. You can make introductory videos, sales presentation videos, instructional videos, testimonials videos, etc. Moreover, in making these types of videos, you are not exactly required to use high-end equipments. Resourcefulness and creativity however will help your videos become viral You can personally introduce you business to your target market and perhaps say a little something about yourself, how the business came to be, and what your business can offer. More importantly, give them a reason why they should try out your product or service. But then, keep in mind that the delivery must be concise and very clear. Viewers will definitely not like having to watch a long video that has a lot of uhms and ahs. It is also advised that the video should be a minute long or even less. You can also sell your product or service using videos, you can perhaps show them your product and how it works and highlight its best features. Of course, this not only works on product presentation, you can also use video to show the kind of service you offer. Like for example if you are into catering business, you can feature one or several events you have catered for. Also, you can ask your valued customers to actually talk about your product and services and perhaps ask then to give their positive opinion or compliments. On the other hand, you can create a series of ad videos about one campaign. It would be like one teaser after another, pretty much like how a television series works. This is one great way of making viral videos. But why would you need your videos to be viral? Because that is one way of boosting the popularity of your site, and ultimately your business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: