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Huachen Yu "my God adapted skateboard shoes" Karen Mok: too outrageous – Beijing, Beijing, November 7, according to Taiwan’s ETTV news, 2014 a song song "brainwashing my skateboard shoes" popular network, netizens ridicule as "divine comedy". Guessed, singer Hua Chenyu the original music challenge program adapted song, let this song moment even the judges take on an altogether new aspect, Karen Mok, Gary and others are praising unceasingly. The 26 year old Hua Chenyu in 2013 to participate in Hunan TV "Happy Boys" won the championship debut, the same year by sixth new Billboard Music Festival the most popular male singer award, subsequently released 3 solo albums and held many concerts. The day before the challenge he adapted brainwashed song "my skateboard shoes", an opening immediately let the judges Karen Mok shocked face laugh out, then get the audience appreciation review. Hua Chenyu added a lot of my favorite rock and Rap elements in my skateboard shoes, and in 24 hours. He said: "when I get this song, my heart is broken, may be the original artistic realm is too high, I have not reached, I used my field force." Judge Karen Mok said: "I can’t, I’m going to vote for the flower (Hua Chenyu), because of the too outrageous."相关的主题文章: