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Sometimes students fail to procure the desired bands even after working quite hard because of the common mistakes they commit during the tests. For instance during the writing test its important that a student reads all the parts of the questions especially where he or she has to discuss the ideas with relevant examples. Maintaining the word limit is also necessary. Words and sentences should not be repeated a number of times. Using good vocabulary and being grammatically correct is also imperative for gaining good scores. During the speaking test a student should be careful to make notes quickly within the one minute allotted for the purpose. The notes should be made in such a way that while speaking the student is reminded of all the questions in the card. Failing to answer any part of the card will reduce the score. A student should try to converse in English as much as possible before the test and watch the news and other English programmes on television. Regular conversation in English will help the student to be spontaneous. Moreover, its significant to listen to the questions carefully. During reading always read the questions before. This helps the student to read carefully and more attentively while looking for the possible answers at the same time. Be very careful while putting the answers on the answer sheet. Adhering to the time limit is absolutely important. Before beginning the listening test read all the questions and listen to names, dates and numbers attentively Practise regularly for all the four tests. MISTAKES WE SHOULD AVOID FOR IELTS EXAMINATION Never study overnight before the test This test requires regular practise and studying overnight will only exhaust the student. Its better to devote time regularly instead of over-burdening oneself on the last day. Avoid being anxious as this will not help the student to concentrate on the questions. Read the given instructions very carefully. Many fail to read the questions carefully in haste. This can result in incomplete answers leading to low scores. After completing the writing test check the answers. Use the eraser to delete the mistakes and keep the answer sheet neat. Avoid wasting time in sharpening pencils. Carry extra pencils and erasers to prevent squandering time. Take a healthy breakfast. The calories will help to remain energetic. Never try to appear in empty stomach because our brain also needs energy to function properly. Reach the examination centre well before time. Entrepreneurship And The Future Of Business By: gbs – Many entrepreneurs simply want to do business their way, so decide to take the plunge. 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