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Arts-and-Entertainment Long history, unique geography, diverse demographics, and absorption of customs have shaped the culture of India. Indian culture is very rich, diverse and unique in its own way. Manners, way of communicating with one another etc are very main components of the Indian culture. Even though India has accepted modern means of living, improved their lifestyles, changed the way of clothing, way of eating and living but the rich values and beliefs remain unchanged as they are deeply rooted within the people hearts, mind, body and soul which they receive from their culture. Basically, the term culture owns refers to a status of intellectual improvement or manners. The culture also involves the social and political forces that influence the growth of a human being. The history of Indias culture shows marvelous facts about their heritage. Agriculture is the chief occupation of India. Dance and ceremonies are also a part of Indian culture and this is the chief mode of entertainment. The people in India always respect elders, honors heroes and cherish love everywhere. Aspirations, achievement and self-independence are the most important tools of India. Indian culture includes all other external cultures also because in India adoption to any culture or acceptance of a religion was always seems as the democratic culture. Indian history is rich about the stories of war heroes, initial time when currency was coined, self-independence especially in terms of food and agriculture which was produce when the great effort put in by the farmers and maintained through irrigation. Shlokas and mantras are a part of Indian culture that can invokes positive energy and revoke enthusiasm in life. Indian roots are strong and even with the westernization and access to technology, the diverse Indianans is still maintained even as celebrating Diwali or viewing the Shravan fast. India is a land of Lord Rama which is Ayodhya or the birthplace of Sri Krishna is considered as Mathura. The birth of Sikh religion and the respect felt by all Indians are still intact. Moreover, Indians are exceptionally secular and there is flawless blending of Indians during Xmas and Id. Indian tradition is rich in values and disciples that rise above by generations automatically. Here is a custom to respect elders and touch their feet as to request their blessings. Occasions and festivals are celebrated by arranging rangoli drawings, diyas and a variety of yummy recipes made in the authentic variety as per the caste and topography. With the introduction of technology, India accepted the western concepts of dress, belief. Work and also get into a secular concept. Indians all over the world is known for their hospitality and high level of patience. An Indians value is all about living life with a passion and observing the faith that there is one god existing even with so many religions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: