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.puters-and-Technology The advent of globalization has brought about a need for every organization to be technology oriented. The benefits of which can be seen from the speed of .munication across the offices located across geographical boundaries. However, being tech savvy demands every organization to have updated IT infrastructure and related software to meet the highly .petitive environment. But this requires huge investment in setting up the IT infrastructure, storage space, besides the costs incurred time and again with maintenance, updating of the resources and the workforce 24/7. The technologically innovative world today offers much better facilities to grow in a .petitive environment. A number of IT organizations today act as third party vendors to major corporate sectors and business houses by providing Internet data centres which meets their IT infrastructure requirements. With world-class facilities, these centres offer services, which are co-location or dedicated hosting services with the required firewall protection and backup solutions. The dedicated hosting services are given through dedicated web servers, mail servers, application or database servers, intranets, live streaming and broadcast machines. The arrival of cloud .puting concept, led to the service providers streamlining turnkey IT operations services and the existing IT infrastructure for the enterprises. India has be.e a popular destination for these data centers with cloud .puting service providers in India having .bined their world class Internet data centres with advanced technology and professional capabilities to provide seamless management of applications and infrastructure. Through their data center in Chennai , Mumbai, Delhi and dedicated servers in other locations across India and US, these service providers provide Infrastructure as a service through cloud .puting. With high-level service agreements, these service providers assure totally dependable cloud IT infrastructure similar to the physical IT infrastructure. The organizations opting for infrastructure as a service actually outsources equipment used to support operations, such as storage units, hardware, servers and networking .ponents. With a number of .ponents, such as utility .puting and billing model, automation of tasks, policy based services and Internet connectivity has its own set of benefits too. The cloud being elastic in its characteristics, one can control the number of resources that can be used at a given time and can also configure the resources for the unexpected traffic. With Auto Scaling, the IaaS provider can scale up or down an application based on the configuration and .puting requirements in seconds. Further, the elastic load balancing features auto distributes the applications traffic across multiple virtual .puters, facilitating a faster and smoother access to the important data irrespective of time, place and machine. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: