It has flooded the idol drama beauty than the protagonist pretty much

It has flooded the idol drama beauty protagonist than many good-looking source: cosmetic skin care class, recently a bit of nostalgia, think of yourself how many years of idol drama, hands have not finished… Braving the risk of exposing the age, the director still want to remember those years of idol drama. Why? Because of the small time even if the big TV home even if enough pixel HD, the picture looks more beauty skin grinding idol drama but also texture spread! For example on the left is my fair princess in the original stills, character makeup and pictures are matte texture, fine lines, even let mammy double chin and swallow eye lines can see, meticulous character expression (also acting factors). The later stills, high brightness, blind eye dog, man body skin comes beauty makeup light, although very beautiful, but more eyes feel tired, because it is too bright, cheeks and forehead also to p without stereo feeling. There are these: Although very sweet, but also bright blind my eyes, she did not see Zheng Shuang’s face skin, including all the middle figure, is looking at a frame and a foot frame of Meitu Xiu Xiu! Yang Zi always suspected cosmetic, director of think makeup and photogenic beauty effect is the main reason… Bing Bing, I know you’re white, but where is your face?… Zhao Liying’s eyebrows and nose are clearly marked off. Before the shooting technology and equipment level of idol drama is not good now, but proper lighting and matte screen, or very true actor’s facial details. Betta close-up, even if the quality is not high definition, but without a nose shadow can see the bridge of the nose and nose, cheeks the stereo sense is very real. For example, the details of facial muscle makeup stereo feeling. But you can still see the picture is somewhat vague, this is mainly the pixels and screen resolution limit, and lighting the face itself will have a "skin effect". There is no judgment beauty over that is the bridge of the nose, nose, cheeks to observe three-dimensional degree, is not that Esther Lau looked very real ~ small meat face can also shoot a shadow! "Green forest" William do you remember! This is pure beauty effect. No late polish! Actor’s small pimple skin and actress’s legal lines are shot out, but it is these small flaws, so that we can see the comfortable ah ~ so the quality of the slag can also see the face of natural texture. "The Frog Prince" is the ancestor of the Ming idol overbearing president! Soft light on the face, cast a three-dimensional shadow of the face. "Zhuanjiaoyudaolove" not very old, but still natural lighting. But now, we have thousands of thousands of LCD TV, high-definition large screen smart phone, watching idol drama is more tired eyes… A little exaggeration, each frame has its own Meitu Xiu Xiu ten dermabrasion whitening, eyebrows and facial muscles are not clear, the whole face of high light played a "white", only the eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth. MIKE real contour face and peripheral surface to clear a lot, this is the beauty photo: fingers and nails look not clear, Zheng Shuang towels head will shine? So, these years we have seen the idol drama, the screen effect is how the evolution, as well as what相关的主题文章: