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Weight-Loss Attitude, science and effort are three major .ponents of Jillian Michaels program on how to lose weight in a faster way. Attitude stands for correcting ones attitude via behavioral modification which help motivates dieters in achieving their respective goals which at this point focus on how much weight they want to lose. Science stands for analysis of physical condition, metabolism and psychology of the dieters. Effort stands literally on dieters effort to execute exercises given to them by the trainers which hand in hand with motivation will result to lose weight faster. Jillian Michaels is a well known fitness trainer in US which through the reality TV show Big Loser she had shown how effective are her methods in shaping up the body. This particular TV show has gained popularity backed by insistent public demand to air the show again. Michaels response was the internet, by this, people who wants to lose weight and gain as well can have the opportunity to do so without really going to gym and confusing their selves in choosing which food works well in diet. E-diet, as it became known, the dieters will be provided with instructional videos on how to execute the exercises best fit for them. If the dieters have less time preparing foods for the diet then they can also subscribe to Jillian Michaels meal plan. The meal includes foods based on the nutritional requirements of the dieters which at first determined through the calculation of calorie level the dieters should take daily to lose and gain weight. No starvation and deprivation is what makes Jillian Michaels program tops among the programs from other fitness trainer. She said that restrictive diet could put the persons health at risk. One of the conventional method yet health .promising is eating once instead of thrice a day. The result of this method has long been proven but dieticians claimed that this method can cause fatigue and deficiency of essential nutrients which will cause the body to function abnormally. With Jillian Michaels lose weight fast program, no food is bad, provided that the dieters can calculate how much calories each food contained. Therefore dieters can proportionally eat roast chicken, pizzas, sweets and beverages. Dieters can also take the Jillian Michaels diet drinks to make their diet even more effective. Attitude, science and effort when applied altogether to diet and exercise from Jillian Michaels lose weight fast program will surely result to the type of body dieters are aiming for. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: