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Living-Will How the Maritime industry and the Jones Act Law related to each other? If you were a part of the maritime industry society the said law was very important and this could save your life against negligence and could save your source of livelihood for you and your family. Jones Act Law as it was commonly known was passed by Senator Wesley on 1920 which has the original name Merchant marine Act of 1920. Jones Act law serves as the protection of the maritime workers. This was passed because of the evidence of the growing of high risk in the maritime industry, several cases of accidents and personal injury occurs both offshore and inland maritime industries. The common reason why countless instance of unexpected events happened were the long number of working hours compared to the regular employee of the other industry, another was working offshore for couple of months, lack of medical attention that may lead to health complications. Generally this was the cause of accidents and personal injuries. No matter how you avoid to met an accident, but because of the work routine there were always a possibility to met one anytime, without given any time and area. Last month while on the dock for unloading of equipments my father’s co-worker were task to do the checking of the engine of their barge. It was in the late at night when the checking was done, while doing his task he heard a tick from somewhere in the engine and it followed by a fire from the engine itself, the said worker was caught by the fire. The others immediately came to rescue their co-worker others jump off to the water to save their own lives. After putting off the fire to the man they then hurried him to the hospital, it was good thing that they were situated on the dock during the said incident. The worker suffered third degree burn from the accident and definitely won’t able to work until he fully recovered. The mentioned incident was just one of the countless cases. The workers who suffered from an accident have its claims under Jones Act, and the company was oblige to give it because it was stated on the Jones Act Law, and the worker may sue its employer if the they would refuse to give the proper assessment and the claims or their employee. That was how important the law for the maritime workers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: