Lang Ping and his family appeared in CCTV mid autumn evening stars gathered in Xi’an Strait-kaya scodelario

Lang Ping and his family debut CCTV Mid Autumn Festival Party cross-strait stars gathered in Xi’an western network (reporter Xiong Huiling Zhao Hao) the evening of the Mid Autumn Festival, 2016 CCTV mid autumn evening broadcast to the world in Xi’an Datang Furong garden. Reporters learned that this year’s Mid Autumn Festival party set "," the Kaesong welcome "Changan", "the Silk Road", "revitalizing" and "sea moon" perfect conjugal bliss is composed of 5 parts, integration of dance, drama, instrumental music, rock, acrobatics, folk art and other symphony and art form. As the position after the CCTV Spring Festival Gala "CCTV qiuwan, show highlights and actor lineup since Needless to say. Including Miriam Yeung, Chyi Chin, Lei Jia, Han Lei, Zhang Jiayi, Aska Yang, Liao Changyong, Tang Dynasty Orchestra Taiwan star full scene, with its colorful performances. There are a lot of star attaches great importance to this show, arrived in Xi’an — such as the size of rehearsal audience are very love sister Ju Ping in advance of the director group before the deadline. The party also invited the Chinese women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping and his family in the second half of the party involved in the interaction, to send holiday blessings.

郎平携家人亮相央视中秋晚会 两岸明星齐聚西安   西部网讯(记者 熊惠玲 赵昊) 中秋之夜,2016年中央电视台中秋晚会在西安大唐芙蓉园向全球直播。记者了解到,今年的中秋晚会设置了《开城迎宾》、《月照长安》、《丝路焕彩》、《花好月圆》和《海上明月》5个部分组成,融合了歌舞、戏曲、器乐、摇滚、杂技、交响乐和民间艺术等多种艺术形式。作为地位仅次于“央视春晚”的“央视秋晚”,节目的精彩程度和演员的豪华阵容自不用说。   包括杨千嬅、齐秦、雷佳、韩磊、张嘉译、杨宗纬、廖昌永、唐朝乐队等海峡两岸明星悉数到场,献上了异彩纷呈的演出。还有不少明星非常重视这次演出,在导演组规定时间前提前到达西安排练——比如大小观众都非常喜欢的鞠萍姐姐。   本次晚会还特别邀请了中国女排主教练郎平及其家人在晚会后半程参与互动,向大家送去节日的祝福。相关的主题文章: