Last week, 9 QFII intensive research, 8 listed companies, electronics industry

Last week 9 QFII 8 intensive research of Listed Companies in electronic industry favored host Shen Ming: monkey is approaching, when the overlapping, what long-term funds in busy? What industries are they paying attention to? Where is the direction of the warehouse? Newspaper today on the recent trend of long-term funds combed. Analysts expect, January and February, will usher in a wave of blue chip repair of the market – reporter Fu Suying "Securities Daily" reporter according flush statistics found that as of April 1 2, a total of 108 listed companies in research institutions, including visual China, Ming Jia electronic science and technology, IPS has become one of the most intensive companies as the research institutions. The industry is mainly distributed in the electronic, computer, electrical equipment, mechanical equipment and other four industries, in addition, pharmaceutical, biological, food and beverage and textile and clothing these anti falling stocks also favored by institutional investors. It is worth noting that, as an overseas institutional investors, QFII enthusiasm for A shares is still high, of which, the institutional investors of intensive research listed companies also have QFII figure. "Securities Daily" reporter found that since January this year, QFII has investigated a number of listed companies. After the reporter statistics found that, in the past week (January 25th -1 29), a total of 9 QFII survey of 8 listed companies, these companies were IPS electronics, Guoguang electric, TISCO, instrument electronics, BYD, Goldwind, China media, Asia Pacific shares. The industry is mostly involved in the electronics industry, in addition, electrical equipment, media, automotive and steel industries also involved. Among them, Huan Xun Electronics in January 29th ushered in 3 QFII turns investigation. At the beginning of the new year in 2016, the global stock market volatility intensified, A shares are no exception, but the pace of overseas institutional investors into the market is still robust. Recently, China’s latest settlement data show that in 2015 December, QFII opened 17 A shares account. It’s also QFII’s new A account for forty-eighth months in a row. Chase Securities believes that foreign A shares grasp the rhythm of the market is more accurate. QFII continued to open accounts into the A shares is a very clear signal, even if not necessarily indicate A shares immediately bottomed out, but at least show that the current A shares are very safe. In addition, the QFII new A shares account, while QFII approved amount is also increasing. According to the latest data released by the foreign exchange bureau, in January, the foreign exchange bureau issued a new investment quota of QFII for 1 billion 562 million US dollars. At the same time, as of January 27, 2016, the total amount of QFII approved by the State Administration of foreign exchange increased to 80 billion 795 million us dollars. Analysts believe that foreign investment will tend to underestimate the value of blue chips in stock selection. After a wave of adjustment, the valuation of blue chips again, QFII should focus on the second line of blue chip investment, it is expected that in February and March, blue chips will usher in a wave of repair market. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

上周9家QFII密集调研8家上市公司 电子行业备受青睐   主持人沈 明:   猴年即将来到,在年关交叠的时候,长线资金在忙些什么?他们在关注哪些行业?调仓的方向在哪里?本报今日对近期长线资金的动向进行梳理。   分析人士预计,二三月份,蓝筹股会迎来一波修复性行情   ■本报记者 傅苏颖   《证券日报》记者根据同花顺数据发现,截至2月1日,共有108家上市公司迎来机构的调研,其中视觉中国、明家科技、环迅电子成为机构调研最为密集的三家公司。行业主要分布在电子、计算机、电气设备、机械设备等四大行业,此外医药生物、食品饮料以及纺织服装这些抗跌性个股也受到机构投资者的青睐。   值得注意的是,QFII作为海外机构投资者,对A股的热情依然高涨,其中,密集调研上市公司的机构投资者中也有QFII的身影。   《证券日报》记者发现,今年1月份以来,QFII陆续调研了多家上市公司。记者经过统计发现,在过去的一周(1月25日-1月29日),共有9家QFII调研8家上市公司,这些公司分别为环迅电子、国光电器、太钢不锈、仪电电子、比亚迪、金风科技、华数传媒以及亚太股份。行业涉及最多的是电子行业,此外,电气设备、传媒、汽车以及钢铁等行业也有涉及。其中,环迅电子于1月29日迎来3家QFII的轮番调研。   2016年新年伊始,全球股市波动加剧,A股也不例外,但是,海外机构投资者入市的步伐依然稳健。近日,中国结算最新公布的数据显示,2015年12月份,QFII新开17个A股账户。这也是QFII连续第48个月有新开A股账户。   大通证券认为,外资把握A股行情节奏比较准确。QFII持续开户进入A股是一个很明确的信号,即使不一定预示A股马上见底,但至少表明目前A股非常安全。   此外,在QFII不断新开A股账户的同时,QFII的获批额度也在不断增加。外汇局最新公布的数据显示,1月份,外汇局发放了QFII新增投资额度15.62亿美元,同时,截至2016年1月27日,国家外汇局合计批准QFII额度增至807.95亿美元。   分析人士认为,外资在选股上会倾向于低估值的蓝筹股。经过一波调整,蓝筹股的估值又重新显现,QFII应该会把投资重心放在二线蓝筹上,因此预计二月份、三月份,蓝筹股会迎来一波修复性行情。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: