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Business A few coin-operated machine manufacturers either provide their own lease program or their licensed coin operated machine dealers provide this service.There are more than a few companies that finance/lease vending equipment. I am not going to name any specific leasing or finance company, simply because I do not want to influence you in these matters. But I can tell you to ask each vending machine distributor and manufacturer if they have an in-house plan that they offer to their qualified buyers. It also would be a good idea to ask if they can provide a list of qualified independent companies that provide lease/finance plans for coin operated vending machines. By researching equipment leasing, you will find that the monthly-payments are a little more costly, but the tax laws permit you to write off and depreciate more than when you finance. Better payment terms are usually available. Many coin-operated vending-machine leasing companies will set up the payments to suit your precise circumstances buy creating a balloon payment at the end of the agreement. There will be a buy out at the end or your lease term. A one dollar buy out is the most desirable and most common buy-out found in a coin-oporated vending machine lease package.This is called a closed-end lease. When leasing coin-oporated equipment a closed end lease is more desirable than what is known as a "open-end lease". Leasing vending equipment instead of financing it can have a slightly elevated interest rate. At the end of the term of your leased equipment you will have a small buy out fee; this also will apply when leasing route trucks. Banks are not familiar with leasing or financing vending equipment. One of the reasons for this is, your bank doesn’t have a buyer for the coin operated vending equipment if you default. It would be smart to use a company that specializes in this type of vending machine business equipment; they are experienced with the risk that comes with this type of equipment and have sources for vending machines they may be forced to take back. More cost effective interest can be achieved via a secured loan. Lots of our vending management company’s 3rd party vendors use equity loans on real estate they own or acquire financing through credit unions. It is important to keep in mind that even with less than desirable credit, most lease and finance companies will rethink approving your request if you make a larger down-payment. Some companies may ask for as much as 25-50% down in the beginning. It is also important to know that after a period of on-time payment history these companies will relax their requirements. Reference Terms From: Truth in Vending Copyright (c) 2009 Jimmy Ingram About the Author: 相关的主题文章: