Marbury Pro Beijing derby will come back 1 games for the sake of insurance (video)-ajviewer

Marbury Pro for the Beijing derby will return Hugh 1 for insurance purposes Marbury will be in the next round of the Beijing Derby comeback Taiyuan newspaper news (reporter Song Xiang) last night, in the Beijing team of foreign aid Marbury did not play, which affected the overall strength of the Beijing team to a certain extent. It is understood that Marbury earlier in the game have a muscle injury, but not serious, the Beijing team to be on the safe side, in the game yesterday, before the decision to allow the horse to a truce. The horse again after the game said: "I have nothing to do, the next game will play." Before the Beijing team and the Tianjin team at the end of the game, a collision with the opponent in the basket, after the end of his face some pain. The day before the horse came to Taiyuan for training on, he let the doctor give the thigh wrapped in ice. At that time, Maradona said in an interview: "I’m not what." In Beijing yesterday morning training team, with the team to participate in the training. Near the end of training the horse let the doctor Zhao Changkun to his thigh massage and stretching. But in yesterday near before the start of the Beijing team decided to allow the horse to a truce, to avoid his serious injury, because it is just a regular season, if the playoffs, so the horse will certainly fight. But after the horse in the locker room were also asked the media to his injury problems, the horse again said he no matter what, in the end the Beijing team home court and Beijing rural commercial bank in the game, he will play. The horse would give Beijing fans reassured. [collection] Shanxi 125-114 Beijing Franklin crazy cut 60+ three double Wei little tribute相关的主题文章: