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Matsushita has developed the "flexible" lithium battery, or flexible mobile phone Escort – Sohu technology flexible mobile phone seems to be a trend, after Samsung Gregory Lee suggested that senior company is currently implementing a code named "Project Valley", a work which is the development of 5 inch flexible mobile phone, and the prototype is expected to be released in February next year Barcelona mobile world congress. In addition to Samsung, LG in this area is not small. In order to better adapt to flexible screen devices, Panasonic recently announced the self research of flexible lithium battery technology. From the publicity of the message, the bending radius of the battery products can reach 40 mm, while the positive and negative distortion of the 15 degrees will not affect the use of batteries. From this point of view, the "flexible" lithium battery is very fit for flexible features of mobile phone accessories, is a good solution. Of course, flexible lithium batteries can also be used on the traditional smart phone, only the thickness of the 0.55mm also makes it easy to adapt to any small and wearable electronic products. It is interesting to note that the special emphasis on the safety of this product, after repeated bending and folding test, they ensure that the lithium battery will not leak or high temperature problems. (photograph: phonearena) at the end of October to market the battery only 17.5mAh, 40mAh two models, and the subsequent highest rated capacity but also 60mAh. The storage capacity is certainly not as the main battery intelligent mobile phone, can only meet the demand of some embedded chip, the electronic components of the compatibility and the cost of production is unknown, the market prospect is actually not very clear. However, flexible lithium batteries with lightweight characteristics are likely to derive a composite type of product, is expected to make up for the number of single power supply deficiencies. In fact, the traditional Japanese electronic processing enterprises in recent years is not easy, Toshiba and SHARP by selling the business sector to survive, coupled with the financial scandals, the whole industry looks very decadent. In contrast, SONY, Matsushita is realized and reversed, and the layout of the pan entertainment industry of the former, Panasonic are just emerging electronic accessories and layoffs come alive, "the development of flexible lithium battery can also prove this point. (cover from: phonearena)相关的主题文章: