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Mid autumn baby calcium breakfast enhance immunity, simple and delicious – Sohu mother welcome to Bee dad kitchen, today we recommend is: zucchini egg cake, suitable for more than 1 years old baby food. Nutrition of this recipe: zucchini contains more vitamin C, glucose and other nutrients, especially the high content of calcium. Shrimp are rich in calcium, phosphorus and other minerals. Eggs are rich in vitamin D, can promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. In autumn, the temperature change is relatively large, the baby is susceptible to a variety of diseases, zucchini egg cake can enhance immunity, not easy to grow, protect the healthy growth. The ingredients you need: Pumpkin, egg, shrimp, flour and salt [1] pumpkin wash, use eraser brush wire, add trace salt, mix well and set aside for 5 minutes; [2] the West cucurbit clenched into a group, out of the water, so, zucchini will taste a little light. [2] to turn into the egg, shrimp, flour, stir, pumpkin paste best slightly a little thin, will taste better, but also convenient for baby food, if it is too dry, you can add a little water, dilute, mix, spare; [3] dianbingcheng choose the "pie" block, pour a small amount of oil, dug a small spoon of pumpkin paste, into the electric baking pan, spread, cover the electric baking pan, so will not be too dry, 2, 3 minutes later, such as colored zucchini cake, turn over and fry until golden brown on both sides, etc. later, zucchini egg cake will do well. Zucchini egg cake into the plate相关的主题文章: