Milan AC victory over Inter is the accidental hands ready to book 1 europe!

Milan AC victory over Inter is accidental? Hands ready to book 1 Europe! AC Milan’s recent momentum is fierce sina sports two rounds of 5 goals to 0 ball two consecutive victories, AC Milan, as Miha says, already take on an altogether new aspect. Into the 6 round of the League since 2016, the Rossoneri won 3 wins, 2 draws, 1 losses, scored 11 points, nearly 5 rounds unbeaten, and the Champions League gap narrowed to 6 points. At the same time, they also have the cup in Italy a foot into the finals, can be said that the second half of the season, the Milan team has become outside Serie A Juventus and Naples best. At present, Milan systems have matured, Micha first half of the season has been criticized is that without a stable team, every game will be sent to different starting formations, change back and forth in 4-3-3, 4-5-1, 4-4-2. But now the main frame in Milan has become 4-4-2, Micha for such a long time after the results of exploration. After a few lessons, Miha gradually proved himself. In addition to Miha, technical statistics, Honda Keisuke also completed self certification. Before the Japanese king with the club once Naoqi was almost broken, because may not be reused in Micha men, he had blasted the club and coach, which makes him more not to chance. However, the Japanese striker with his performance earned the starting position, the last round of the face of international Milan he was named the best player on the spot, the game with Palermo Honda and become the best player in Milan, field performance. AC Milan has been unbeaten in the 5 round, and the victory of the last two games shows that Milan’s recovery is not accidental. The last derby victory, although the field performance is better than the opponent, but the score of 3-0 is not considered to be two teams really reflects the level of. Before the current round of Galliani also said he can’t wait to see the next Milan is what kind of performance: "the last round after the end of the game, I was very curious about what will happen today." And Miha said after the game: "this is what I want after the derby."." A direct competitor to the AC Milan will soon surpass Rome new year with Rome, Florence and inter Milan international the three Champions League qualification, Milan all got scores beyond their Champions League ticket is no longer impossible task. In another battle, Milan if no accident would be with Juventus for the Italy cup champion, to beat Juventus and then the Rossoneri will at least get a cup qualification. Even if the Italy cup can not win, if you can maintain the momentum now, the league in the state of Rome is more difficult for Milan is not difficult. It is anticipated that Milan will probably return to Europe next season. In the latest winter transfer season, Milan didn’t have any other moves except Boateng. Perhaps, as Galliani said, the current line-up is enough to shock Champions League qualification, good performance, and the union of Rome Baca gnoli, Kurtz’s card, plus the upcoming comeback Domenech, Milan people can really made some achievements in the Serie A. But if you really enter the European war,

AC米兰大胜国米是偶然?两手准备预订1欧战席位! AC米兰最近的势头正猛   新浪体育讯  两轮进5球失0球取得两连胜,AC米兰就如米哈所说,已经焕然一新。进入2016年以来的6轮联赛,红黑军团3胜2平1负取得11分,近5轮保持不败,将与欧冠区的积分差距缩小到了6分。同时他们在意大利杯中也已经一只脚踏进了决赛,可以说下半赛季的米兰成为了尤文图斯和那不勒斯以外意甲状态最好的球队。   目前米兰的阵型打法已经成熟,上半个赛季米哈最被人诟病的就是没有稳定球队的阵容,每一场比赛都会派出不同的首发,阵型也在4-3-3、4-5-1、4-4-2之间来回变换。但现在米兰的主力框架已定,4-4-2成为米哈这么长时间探索后的结果。经历了几次下课风波,米哈也逐渐证明了自己。 技术统计   除了米哈,完成自我证明的还有本田圭佑。这位日本天王之前与俱乐部的关系一度闹得几近破裂,由于在米哈手下不得重用,他曾炮轰俱乐部和主教练,这让他更加得不到上场的机会。然而日本国脚用自己的表现挣来了首发位置,上轮面对国际米兰他被评为当场最佳球员,本轮与巴勒莫的比赛本田也与巴卡并列成为米兰场上表现最佳的球员。   现在AC米兰已经保持了5轮不败,近两场比赛的胜利说明米兰的复苏不是偶然的。上一次米兰德比的大胜,虽然场上表现确实优于对手,但3-0的比分被认为不是两队真是水平的体现。本轮赛前加利亚尼也称他迫不及待地想看看米兰接下来的表现是什么样的:“上轮比赛结束后,我就非常好奇今天会发生什么。”而米哈在赛后则称:“这就是德比战以后我想要的答案。” AC米兰马上就要超越罗马国米   新年面对罗马、佛罗伦萨和国际米兰这三支欧冠资格的直接竞争对手,米兰全部拿到了分数,超越他们拿到欧冠入场券不再是不可能完成的任务。在另一个战场,米兰如果不出意外的话将会与尤文图斯争夺意大利杯的冠军,若能击败尤文捧杯,那么红黑军团将至少得到一个参加欧联杯的资格。即使意大利杯不能夺冠,如果能够保持现在的势头,联赛中超过状态不佳的罗马对于米兰来说也非难事。可以预见,下个赛季米兰很有可能将重新回到欧洲赛场了。   在刚刚结束的冬季转会期,米兰除了博阿滕没有其他的动作。也许就如加利亚尼所说,现有的阵容已经足够去冲击欧冠资格了,巴卡、尼昂、罗马尼奥利、库茨卡等人的良好表现,加上即将复出的梅内,米兰的人员确实可以在意甲取得一定的成绩。但如果真的进入欧战,重振昔日欧洲霸主的雄风,还是需要大手笔的投入。   (简浅)相关的主题文章: