Must Have Accessories For Garden Furniture-autobots

Home-Improvement Choose from Alexander Francis" large selection of furniture accessories from vibrant outdoor scatter cushions to waterproof covers that will add additional protection for your furniture. We have a large collection of additional furniture pieces to add to your sofa sets, whether you need additional seating, tables or cushion storage boxes. All of our side tables and coffee tables are especially made to .plement your sofa sets and have a tempered glass top. We have beautifully designed large relaxing arm chairs with deep filled shape retaining foam seat and back cushions for maximum .fort. Our waterproof covers are great to give added protection for your furniture and to keep dirt and dust off when not in use. If you want to store your cushions away for the winter we have high quality waterproof cushion boxes that are large enough to fit our larger set of sofa cushions. Our cushion boxes are lined with waterproof fabric and are made in matching rattan to blend with your garden furniture . They also .e with a waterproof cover for added protection. Add a splash of colour to your outdoor or indoor living area with our selection of garden furniture cushions in bright colours to .plement your furniture. Our large scatter cushions are made from the same material as our furniture cushion covers so they match perfectly. Additional cushion covers are available in a choice of colours to suit any style. This is great if you want to keep as a spare set in case of spills or to change your colour scheme during summer. These stain resistant covers are especially good for summer parties or if you have kids or pets. All of our textiles are made from the finest quality material dye soaked in Terylene which is UV, mould and stain resistant and also has a splash proof and fire resistant coating. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: