Nearly 8 years, marry 40 year old wife for divorce gifts 30 thousand yuan stellarium

Nearly 8 years, marry 40 year old wife for divorce gifts 30 thousand yuan Guangzhou daily Shaoguan news (reporter Bu Yu correspondent Wang Cian, Dong Wenjie) a "30" old man and a "70" women married only 5 days, his wife angrily the elderly husband to court for divorce. Reporters learned yesterday from the Qujiang District Court of Shaoguan, the reason for the divorce case is because the husband is not willing to pay his wife 30000 Yuan Lijin, the court of first instance verdict to allow the plaintiff and the defendant Hwang Hwang divorce. The court found that the plaintiff and the defendant in the table after liaomou the godfather of China introduced. Meet the day, the couple started talking about marriage. Huang asked Liao Mouyou what requirements, Liao answered only two requirements to get married, first, Huang to buy social security, the two is to give their lives to the housing hwang. Hwang agreed and wrote a written undertaking, the two sides began to contact, and in June 8th the same year for the marriage registration procedures. He just got a marriage license only 5 days, liaomou wife told her husband, the mother said to Huang took out 30000 yuan gifts only agreed to two people to get married. Hwang did not promise, Liao Mouze angry leave. After two people divorce is not angry, then, Liao sued to Qujiang District court. Finally, the court of Qujiang, in accordance with the law made a decision to allow two people to divorce. Editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: