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Business The right address is a signal to the world that your business has arrived. It is a statement of pride. Omaxe Connaught Place, or OCP as we fondly call it, is in Greater Noida. It is slated to be the most sought after business, .mercial and entertainment centre in North India. OCP sprawls across a total built up area of an incredible 1.9 million sq. ft. its the flagship project of Omaxe. It is a monument built to recreate the legendary .mercial centre in New Delhi Connaught Place. And will be.e the most sought after .mercial centre in North India. Keeping people inspired is key to increase productivity for any business. Keeping this in mind Omaxe Connaught Place has been meticulously planned around the most modern concepts of work integrating with play. Omaxe Connaught Place has been designed to create a fun, spontanceous environ alongside and infrastructure catering to serious business. Omaxe Connaught Place features plush ultra modern office .plexes. These amidst a vibrant, world class shopping mall, a modern 5 screen multiplex, a hyper mart, food courts, a fully loaded family entertainment zone, a five star hotel and much, much more. Omaxe believes that every investment needs to bring to bring in reward. Omaxe also believes in putting the money where the mouth is. So, when you invest in Omaxe Connaught Place, you star getting returns of up to 14% p.a from the year one itsel. In short, in 7 year, you not only benefit with the price escalation but get and assured return that works out the more than what you put in. Key Point: To be .pletd by October 2012. No CAM till 7 years. PDC in advance for all the years The Key to maximizing from investment is to see potential early. Even when the rest of the world does not, history has several examples of visionary investor whocould smell a great investment even before it blossomed in to the full potential. Omaxe Connaught Place at Greater Noida is set to go down in history as the most profitable investment for everyone. The seeds that you plant today, bear fruits in the future. Omaxe Connaught Place is one such seed. It will truly .e into its own when the proposed International airport .es up. It will bear even more fruit as F1 track gets approval. In short, greater noida is expected to be.e asia most premium hub for modern day businesses. And the Omaxe Connaught Place advantage makesthis proposition even more unique. So if you miss out today, you miss out on one of the juiciest investments for all time! The Battle of bussines success won by the money uscle alone. It is usually won by thw swift. History has shown that good decisions backed up by speed of action often have the most far reaching impact. Omaxe Connaught Place to is no different. If you like what you see, contact us, quick! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: