Opening ceremony of the first Hubei Garden Expo, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the air-puritans pride

The first Hubei Expo opening in the Skywalk tours visitors can park Bo beauty of Huangshi Garden Expo site reporter Hu Jiusi photography reporter Wang Yaxin yesterday, for a period of 1 months of the first Hubei province (Huangshi) park fair and mine Expo opened in Huangshi, Daye lake. Huangshi Expo is the province held the first Expo, Changjiang Daily reporter on the scene saw the Huangshi Garden Expo to showcase the cultural landscape, cultural gems, more choice of native plants, more creative Skywalk, visitors can walk, while appreciating the beauty of the garden, the side view of the vast lake of Daye lake. The multi selection of native tree species in Hubei Huangshi Park covers an area of 2031 acres, is about half of the Wuhan Garden Expo area, a total of 45 exhibition. The exhibition includes 17 city, Hubei Province Exhibition, the theme of "vernacular landscape"; Huangshi local enterprises, universities garden 22, to show the cultural landscape, cultural gems; International Friendship City Garden 6, the theme of "exotic". The whole park is located on the sludge beach in the ecological core area of Daye lake. It does not occupy the arable land. It is built on the sludge beach. Old tires, old sweaters and other waste collocation and creative plant with waste container bulk waste into houses, mountains, water, natural landscape trees, stone and other assorted garden…… Strolling in the garden, and the place of the eye, can feel the Huangshi Garden Expo to express human and natural ecology, the concept of harmonious unification. The park is full of all kinds of trees, flowers, the native species accounted for the majority, including Hubei, Badong, Hubei Begonia Manglietia Spiraea, Fangxian maple and other endemic plant in Hubei. The main exhibition hall roof greening area of more than 95% into the Huangshi Garden Expo, was undoubtedly the most attractive appearance similar to the main exhibition hall, and the roof ladder "for building a green plant ramps, trails from climbing, like walking in the woods. The roof of a modified cement pavement monotonous, replaced all kinds of trees, shrubs and grass and other green plants, green area has reached more than 95%, the distribution of "landscape", "Qi Hua Tian", "self talk" and "flowers art" in four areas. On the roof of the viewing platform, visitors can use the telescope overlooking Pinglan, a fair park scenery, or through the "filter" and other recreational facilities, feel the different color under the Huangshi garden expo. The roof of the trail extending all the way to the Daye lake, in the air can turn to see colorful forest, flowers, flowers waterfront wetland, forest landscape, colorful Huangshi people. 140 strains of "power" in Wuhan city tree of Metasequoia Park in Huangshi Park, Wuhan Park area. Because the park south has 3.5 meters elevation, Wuhan garden "landscape park, a length of about 300 meters of water, forming a" mountain "type of landscape effect. Along the water layout and 4 sets of antique buildings, respectively Chaozong Xuan, Mei Xuan, Wang Ting, corridor falls. Walking into it, we can feel the quiet artistic conception of "a single corner of the mid level waterfront, a melting garden of Han rhyme in Jiangcheng". In order to show the characteristics of Wuhan City, 140 tree tree is transplanted to the Wuhan city of Metasequoia in the garden. The diameter of about 18 cm – 25 metasequoia,.

首届湖北省园博会开幕 游客可在空中步道赏园博美景 黄石园博园现场 记者胡九思 航拍   记者王亚欣   昨日,为期1个月的首届湖北省(黄石)园博会暨矿博会,在黄石的大冶湖畔开幕。黄石园博会是我省举办的首届园博会,长江日报记者在现场看到,黄石园博园以展示山水文化、宝石文化为主,多选用乡土植物,更有创意十足的空中步道,游客行走其间,可以一边赏园林美景,一边观大冶湖浩瀚湖水。   园内多选种湖北乡土树种   黄石园博园占地面积2031亩,大约是武汉园博园面积的一半,共有展园45个。展园包括湖北省内17个市、州展园,主题为“乡土景观”;黄石当地企业、高校展园22个,以展示山水文化、宝石文化为主;国际友城展园6个,主题为“异域风情”。整个园区选址于大冶湖生态核心区的污泥滩,不占用耕地,是在污泥滩上打造而成。   用旧轮胎、旧毛衣等废弃物搭配而成的创意植物,用废旧集装箱等大宗废弃物改造而成的房屋,融合山、水、树、石等自然景观的各色展园……漫步园中,目之所及之处,可以感受到黄石园博园所要表达的人与生态、自然和谐归一的理念。   园区种满各种乔木、花卉,其中乡土树种占大多数,包括湖北海棠、巴东木莲、鄂西绣线菊、房县槭等湖北特有植物。   主展馆屋顶绿化面积超95%   走入黄石园博园,最吸引人的当属外观类似“梯形”的主展馆,因屋顶和建筑斜面均种有绿色植物,从步道攀爬而上,好像走在树林中。   主展馆屋顶一改单调的水泥路面,取而代之的是各类乔木、灌木和草皮等绿色植物,绿化面积达到了95%以上,分布着“看园景”、“栖花田”、“秀自拍”、“赏花艺”四块区域。在屋顶观景平台上,游客可以用望远镜凭栏远眺,一览园博会胜景,或者通过“滤光镜”等游乐设施,感受不同色彩下的黄石园博园。   屋顶的步道一路延伸到大冶湖边,在空中可以依次看到杉林水岸、七彩花田、花鸟湿地、黄石人家、彩叶林带等景观。   140株市树水杉“助力”武汉园   在黄石园博园中,武汉园面积较大。因展园南北有3.5米的高差,武汉园因势造景,园内一条长约300米的水流,形成了“高山流水”式的景观效果。   沿着水流布局的还有4组仿古建筑,分别为朝宗轩、落梅轩、望亭、长廊。走入其中,可以感受到“半山水岸独一隅,江城汉韵融一园”的清幽意境。   为了展现武汉的城市特点,140棵市树水杉被移植到武汉展园内。这些水杉胸径约18—25厘米,树龄均为30年左右。武汉市民陈杏兰说,看过武汉园博园,再看武汉园,感觉水循环、乡土植物的栽培等生态理念,得到了一脉相承的延续。相关的主题文章: