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.munications In a world where more and more is automated, some people have been left longing for the touch of personal customer service. Many .panies have moved away from giving personal attention, but this does not mean that its market has gone away by any means. This is the market that Operator Assisted Conferencing would appeal to most directly. Operator Assisted Conferencing is a great way to step into the world of video and audio conferencing without stepping right into the heart of this massive and .plex world all on your own. .panies that offer this conferencing service give the customer access to all of the benefits of conferencing while offering a personal operator who is there to ensure that the conference runs as smooth as possible. One great feature that many .panies offer with these particular types of conferences is a pre-conference green room meeting. This is a time where the customer running the conference gets to talk only with the operator. The operator will use this time to make sure the customer has thought through every aspect of the call and prepare the system to be able to handle whatever needs the customer might have. Most Operator Assisted Conferencing systems offer a large amount of freedom, the most notable freedom being the number of people the call can handle. Many .panies will allow the call to be as small as the customer wants it, but will also be able to handle very large calls, sometimes reaching multiple thousands of people spanned across seven or eight cities. This can give larger .panies the ability to meet with many people at once while pouring most of their effort into the content of the call rather than the mechanism by which the call can occur. Another feature that .es with many Operator Assisted Conferencing systems is the ability to gauge and hear from the audience. Most .panies that over this service allow the customer the ability to create a guest list before the call begins. Only those who have been pre-screened will have access to the conference. Also, many .panies offer the ability to moderate a question and answer session, giving the customer the ability to speak and hear from thousands of people at once. While the world of conferencing may .e with many headaches, Operator Assisted Conferencing looks to take as many of those headaches as possible off the plate of the customer. This is a great option for .panies lacking some of the major technical experience needed who still need to hold audio and video conferencing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: