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Otaru, not only love, there are many Sohu – tourism in Hokkaido is a dream. Only love in this dream. Perhaps because of the cold, we thought, there must be a fire. Perhaps because of the fire, but hit a shiver. Like a place where there’s a fire. "Love letter", a vast and helpless love story: long birch, bright girl, my loneliness, the long winters some cruel, build into a love letter to follow that dream. Otaru City letter two chome 24 times. How are you, Fujii Kishujika? I’m fine. Watanabe Hiroko started to snow season in Hokkaido, I came to the north of Japan’s most beautiful with this beautiful story of snow town. Sapporo to the station JR Otaru way names are very romantic: piano to hand, rice, rice, cold, star, star, money letter, in Hong Kong, otaru. After the letter, the car on the beach, looking out of the window back to the blue sea of Japan, it seems that the car is not a car, but the boat, very beautiful. In the sea of Japan meeting each to find out who otaru. Otaru no Tokyo nine to five in a hurry, urban white-collar pressure, without Tokyo’s crowded and noisy. This morning, the sunshine is warm and exquisite eight music; glass bright noon, with delicious seafood, dairy products; when night fell, only empty streets and scattered through the pedestrian. Most visitors travel can bring Otaru, elegant romantic mood is the place of Otaru canal. Beginning in 1914, after 9 years of digging into. Along the canal lined with ancient stone warehouse group, the old shadow floating on the shore, the river is still able to see the big "north warehouse in Japan the port of shipment.". As a former shipping goods distribution center stone warehouse quietly watch in circulation. The gas lamp on the edge of the canal has been decorated with romantic artist, when the sun went down, the gas lamp is lit, the canal passes in a warm and romantic in Huang Dan dan. This picture, all take cover, Otaru tourism materials do not know why, it always reminds people of the memory of a long time, or for the distant homeland. Along the Canal there are stone paved road to walk through, as if back in time, back to 100 years ago, with a very nostalgic atmosphere, could not help but have a hope, hope to meet a like "love letter" in the beautiful girl in this long canal. See glass craft exquisite, is another romantic otaru. Glass utensils, handicrafts and a superb collection of beautiful things of the furnishings listed streets, senior luxury stores also sell a variety of small ornaments, toys, roadside stalls. The city has a plurality of glass craft factory, inside the glass handicraft to common a superb collection of beautiful things, coffee bar, to a large vase, let a person look at a glance. Eat in Japan’s delicious fresh seafood and sushi Otaru, holding a house north of the ice cream ice cream, walk north a glass to go. North glass is the most representative of the process of Otaru glass glass products shop. Glass world, romantic music, warm.相关的主题文章: