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Ouyang Nana Marc Jacobs show interview: kid heart lives rebel girl local time on September 15th, Marc Jacobs2017, a big show released in New York. Marc Jacobs 2017 spring and summer series "do things" and brother pony, from a single product style is still the continuation of his own style, there is a strong contrast with the previous party dress dress, this highly personalized and dress code to flaunt new in order to be different for a new generation of girls. Designer Marc Jacobs New York fashion week 2017: Marc Jacobs on the long legs big show in the spring and summer of 2017, still refused to mediocrity route, with a variety of bright and exaggerated elements mixed reached a large Carnival ceremony. Ouyang and Li Qin also came to the scene to watch the show. In addition to look at this rebellious show, look at our rebellious girl Ouyang, Nana, and tell us what her rebellious story! Nana Ouyang: Hello! Hello, Tencent friends, I am Ouyang Nana! Now I’m in the Marc Jacobs show, I hope you will love. Tencent are: the clothes you today’s super special a, can simply introduce to us? Ouyang Nana: This is the early spring of 2017, and it has a lot of coconut trees around, some lovely and interesting patterns. Tencent fashion: do you see what kind of feeling today? Ouyang Nana: today I see the show is very exciting, because this trip is special to see this show, so I feel very honored, this is a brand of the United States, it is a young brand, at the age of ten when I have to wear Marc Jacobs clothes, so I feel very good, because after a lapse of six years, I’ve come to realize my desire to see the Marc Jacobs fashion show, the Tencent: do you think your usual treason? Ouyang Nana: there are still quite rebellious, but usually a good child, after all, is a student. Tencent fashion: do you think this show is in line with your character? Ouyang Nana: I think it’s quite a bit of a mystery. Li Qin and Ouyang Nana in the show are: self Tencent on shopping have Gemini? Such as changeable, tangled ah. Ouyang Nana: Gemini is very tangled in the shopping, may feel two things, it is hard to decide what you want to buy, you may see this thing for a long time, when you see it in my tangled in the end or not to buy, there is the most serious, may your personality wear more as a boy, when you are shopping when you also insist to buy some girl heart things, I usually very gemini. Tencent fashion: but when you play the cello super beautiful ah! Ouyang, Nana: when you play the cello, it’s just another person. Tencent fashion: do you think you are a positive energy girl? Ouyang: I can’t call it a positive energy girl, but I’ve always had a wish, whether I’m a fan or a family, and I’m going to give them a positive, optimistic side. Tencent fashion: because you are four years old on the "Kangxi", ~!相关的主题文章: